As far as I’ve already known, making delicious cakes are appealing the toaster is an extremely important factor to decide the success or failure of the gear. Before putting the cake in the oven, you need to note a couple of things to get the perfect batch of cakes. Read the article what you need to know before you put the cake in the oven that I would like to share to you in order to have the experience of making a delicious cake!

1. Preheat oven

-In any formula that would both remind you have to turn on the oven before about 10 minutes for the oven to reach standard temperature nine cakes are golden. Avoid crafting the perfect cake and status but forgot to turn on the front of the oven should be at room temperature, Add flour to a certain period of time, can greatly affect the brittleness of sponge cake.

2. a mould cake

-Most of the cakes are need to coated stick before putting a cake into the mold to bake. Of course except chinffon cakes). Usually safe and quick as you use aerosol Spray type.

-However, you can also do it this way, it is good to use a basting brush layers of butter or egg yolk baked into the mold, then sprinkle the powder up mould, powder coated next sealed are then inverted upside for excess powder falling out.

3. Place the tray/baking mold

-Most of us are by default that are cooked or not cake is in the oven temperature. That is true but not enough. In addition make sure that the oven reaches the temperature required, then the most recent location of the where the baking tray is very important thing. You need to set the tray/baking molds in the middle of the oven. unless otherwise noted in the recipe or the oven temperature problems.

-The baking molds are not touching each other because that will affect the transmission of heat and the heat of the mold. Do not touch the baking mould into the furnace. In addition the mold and the mold dark colors absorb heat also varies (dark mold faster absorption)-should note this.

4. The number of the tray/baking moulds in the oven

-You should just bake a tray/mould in the oven come on! The best is not so much the baking tray at the same time in the oven.

5. Hygiene and oven

-The regular oven hygiene is a very important thing to affect the quality of the cake. If the oven ventilation clean then the cake will have valid special flavor of the cake. In contrast, the cake is also very prone to smelling and renders the influence not good quality batch of cakes.

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