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Top 12 Chinese desserts that deserve your money

There are various types of dessert in China, ranging from taste to texture to shape. They grasp your attention thanks to its original look or impressive garnish. More importantly, they can definitely satisfy your taste buds, even when you are a gourmet.

Back to hundred years ago, the Chinese dessert used to be served with tea in tea houses, especially in the South. Nowadays, however, it becomes popular and is served in almost all restaurants and even made at home.

If you have chance to visit China or taste Chinese foods at Chinese restaurants, you should try the dessert. Tasting them and eventually you can’t help bursting out: “Wow or amazing”.

Best 12 Desserts in China

Chinese cuisine is a rich source of desserts but in this article, we’re introducing 12 most popular dishes that are highly consumed by both natives and foreigners.

1. Dim Sum

The first well-known dessert must come to the Cantonese dessert, Dim sum. Its transparent wrapping, various shapes and simple yet elegant garnish can make you love at first sight. Dim sum can be filled with ground pork, diced shrimp or vegetables served to those who are on a diet. Aside from China, Dim sum is also popular in some Asian countries like Japan and Korea.

Dimsum Chinese

2. Bird Net Soup

Bird nest soup, which is made of edible bird nest, is one of the most expensive soups served at restaurant. The bird nest has medicine properties, so, consuming a proper amount is good for health.

bird net soup

3. Tang Yuan/ Black Sesame Filling Soup

Tang Yuan is the sweet soup of sticky rice balls of which the filling is creamy ground black sesame. It is a specialty in Sichuan and a State banquet at Lantern Festival, which is celebrated on the 15th day of the first month of the lunar calendar.

Tangyuan Chinese

4. Fa Sung Woo / sweet peanut soup

Another Chinese popular soup in the list is Fa Sung Woo, a sweet peanut soup made of sugar, non-glutinous rice flour, and raw peanuts.

Fa Sung Woo

5. Annin Tofu/ Almond Tofu

You might be misleading by the word tofu. Annin Tofu is actually almond jelly that is soaked and grounded with water to reach tofu-like solidity. It ‘s a traditional dessert of Beijing cusine, then spread to Hong Kong and the South of China, and is now available in most Chinese restaurants.


6. Dragon’s Beard Candy

Dragon’s Beard Candy is one of the most popular street foods that you should give it a try as a dessert. It’s not simply a candy, more importantly, it’s a type of traditional art originating in the Han Dynasty. Dragon’s Beard Candy and candy floss have a lot in common as being made of spun sugar, and are very sticky.


7. Coconut Tapioca Pudding

An ideal choice to keep you cool in the summer time is coconut Tapioca pudding. It’s a delicious mixture of milk, coconut milk, and tapioca pearls that are made from tapioca starch and have different sizes and colors.


8. Tang Hulu — Candied Fruit on A Stick

Tang Hulu is the second type of candy recommended. The way to make it is quite simple: the Chinese toffee crab apples are dipped in liquid sugar and dried, then, skewed onto a skewer. It’s one of the most preferred street food by both locals and tourists.

Tang Hulu

9. Bao Bing

Bao Bing is not only much loved by kids but it’s also preferred by adults who have a sweet tooth. It’s a kind of ice-cream made of fruits and condensed milk.


10. Steamed Pears

Steamed pears are delicious and healthy as the core of the pear is filled with honey and jujubes – a type of Chinese date before cooking.  The pears are kept warm and served to those who prefer a light dessert.

steamed pear

11. Mango Pudding

The sweet and refreshing mango pudding is also a famous Chinese dessert. It’s a delicious mixture of mango and coconut milk, or sometimes regular milk. Mango pudding is most popular in Hong Kong and usually served at dim sum restaurants.


12. Bow Tie

The last “must-eat” dessert is bow tie that is mainly made of eggs. It’s a fried dessert and also one of the traditional desserts in China. It’s also a popular snack at New Year.

bow tie

Each country has State banquet and the Chinese also have traditional foods served at lunar new year. Here are 5 most popular types:

1. Nian Gao or Sticky Cake Rice

Nian Gao is dessert but more importantly, it is a State banquet at New Year of Chinese people. The most important event of the year is incomplete without having this sticky rice cake. If you have chance to taste this traditional desert, grasp it right away.


2. Pineapple Tart

Pineapple Tart is not only a worthy-trying dessert but it also one of essential dishes at Chinese New Year. They might be different in shape. One is similar to the egg tart, of which the crust is topped with pineapple jam. The other type is like sticky rice balls of a bigger size. They are filled with the fresh and sweet pineapple jam.

pine apple tart

3. Red Bean Soup

Sweet red bean soup is also worth ordering at the end of the meal and one of “must-serve” foods at New Year. The soup is not only delicious but it’s also attractive in look thanks to the red color of the bean. It’s often mixed with sago or served with small sticky rice balls.

red bean soup

4. Egg Tarts

Originating from Hong Kong in 1940s and making a worldwide reputation, egg tart is definitely in the “must-eat” dessert list.  It is simply a little custard tart, with a hard and sweet crust and usually served in Cantonese-style restaurants. Nowadays, it is of “must-have” food list at New Year.

egg tart

Almond cookie is no longer strange to both kids and adults because it can be found in any bakery store and supermarket. But the point to mention is that many Chinese still bake almond cookie to treat guests during days of New Year Festival as a tradition.


As one of the best cuisines in the world, Chinese is without dispute a very rich source of desserts. They might be traditional or adopted but the way it’s made and decorated will satisfy your appetite and your love of beauty. If you have change, give it a try.

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