Thumbprint cookies are a kind of cookies which is used in the West, especially in the afternoon tea in England. Crispy crust, the sweet bread, what are you waiting anymore without in the kitchen with cookie discover what’s this jam cookies!

115g unsalted butter
130g finely sifted flour
60g sugar
Strawberry jam or peanut butter 60g

Step 1:
– Mix the butter and sugar until the mixture becomes smooth

Step 2:
– Pour the sifted flour mixture into butter smooth and sugar

Step 2:
– Knead the clay until the mixture into a powder. This step will take a few minutes of your initial mixture becomes pasty and then finally into a powder

Step 3:
– You squeeze into balls by hand and loaded onto a baking tray
– Then you gently press your thumb down the middle of the cake
Step 4:
– Spread strawberry jam or peanut butter on bread indentations in the middle and place in oven, bake at 190 degrees C temperature for 10 minutes, then you take the tray out.
Tip: After you take the tray out, you let the cake cool for 5-7 minutes if not picking up, the cake will be very susceptible to cracking.

Thumbprint cookies is finished in just 4 steps, simple is not it? And nothing better than to spend a relaxing afternoon, sip a cup of tea and a bite fragrant biscuits that? Wish you successful dish jam biscuits are light!

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