The Oreo cookies with cream pie usually combined with some more material will give off a delicious ice cream. Get into the kitchen with me to prepare this dish!


– 100g Oreo cookies.

– 4 eggs.

– 40 gr powdered sugar.

– 30ml honey.

– 400ml of fresh milk.

– 200ml fresh cream.



– Zip bags.

– Plants Dough.

– Pot.

– Europe.

– Lung cage.

– Mixing.

– Machine beat eggs.

– Mold.

Step 1:

– Cake Oreo’s put creamy, add zip pocket, use tree crushed rolling.

Step 2:

– Boil the milk heats up (but not boil it).

Step 3:

– Place the eggs, sugar and honey in a large bowl and then routed.

– Then for half of Oreo cookies were scraped into the mix together.

Step 4:

– Gradually add hot milk into the egg mixture sugar – Oreo cookies, stir and let cool.

Step 5:

– Use electric mixer beat until slightly fluffy whipped cream (without whipped cream specialty cotton, hard as when baking) and mix with milk egg mixture in step 4 and ½ of the remaining crushed Oreo cookies.

Step 6:

– Pour the mixture into the tray / bowl and then put away in the freezer refrigerator 4-5 hours to be able to enjoy offline!

By doing simple and the ingredients are easy to find, you’ve got yourself say goodbye Oreo cookies cream delicious parts – toxic – strange then that!

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