The lemon and raspberry muffin will make the members of your family all interested in the smooth softness of the bread, the fresh Berry currants as do turn up the aroma of mild lemon. Along with my lemon muffin croutons bread soft and succulent!

Bakery lemon muffin croutons:

-225g path

-4 tsp lemon peel smooth cells

-250 g of flour of universal application

-2 1/2 tsp baking powder

-3/4 tsp salt

-113, 4 g butter at room temperature to the LAT

-1 large egg

-240 ml buttermilk

-2 tsp vanilla essence


Phuc bon tu mem looking forward 2

Muffin cake tools:

-Cake mold mould muffin paper liner,



How to make lemon muffin cake croutons delicious simple:

-Step 1: Preheat the oven at a temperature of 190 degrees c. Lined Paper for 14 cup muffin size often (or 56 cup mini size). Grind 25 g of sugar with lemon rind until the road is slightly moist. Mix flour with baking powder, salt for all. Use the mixer brush remaining road section with butter until the butter smooth cotton then add eggs, beat all and then add the buttermilk, vanilla, sugar, ground lemon rind into the mix to blend ingredients equally exhausting.

-Step 2: Pour the dough into the cake mold and place the currants 4 up the large pie or 1 result if you use the mini Cake molds.

-Step 3: approximately 35 minutes to bake when the cake golden brown and a toothpick into the plug between the cake flour is not sticky toothpick.

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