You are the adherents of these cakes? You are always in a State of “sold off” because of the beautiful medium pies have appetite? Or simply, you only want a cam or saw the guy like sweets that “step” on the path of sweet cookies?

However, you leave pretty fog in choosing to buy the cake tools to save but to be effective.Congratulations, you found the right place! today I will list for you “The indispensable wheel tools for beginners” is not the beautiful but also highly cheaper used high.

1. The oven:

-For other types of bread such as Flan or Pancake, … then do not need to use the oven. But most of the other cakes for all to use, shopping page for his home kitchen an oven is essential.

-At present, the market has a variety of oven with the use of different cost. But because you learn, or just to make a cake for my family, I’m nominated Sanaky oven type-30 l capacity

If do not like, you can also Sanaky refer more oven of the cold Bluestone, Gallium, mark …

However, for any oven of the mark would then be to bake the cake must also have at least three of the following elements:

-Minimum capacity is about 30 l (but with large cakes such as Baguette, you should select the kiln capacity 42-50 l)

-Have enough heat on-bottom (or called fire on fire and under)

-Can adjust the temperature, time and the heat mode.

2. eggs: tools

-Portable voice Coordinator, mixer or machine to be punished is the indispensable tool to create these delicious cake.

-Cage eggs Coordinator is the cheapest type, however, is somewhat lost jewelry can eggs, cream or liquid powder to meet the requirements.

-Hand mixer: this is his kind of machine, recommend the use of Philips used pretty well, you can buy the kind with 200W approximately 20$

-Mixer: If your Pocket “rủng rỉnh”, you can shop for themselves the mixer to tables with large capacity (can be wheat flour).

3. The instrument needs:

3.1. The spoon teaspoon or tablespoon units according to the needs:

“Cooking is art, baking is science”-“cooking is art, and baking is science”. Because of the “cake is science” should each material in the formula must be the exact needs. You really are not familiar with the term as “TSP” or “tablespoons”-which is translated from “teaspoon” and “tablespoon”. Today, the unit teaspoon/tablespoon, cup are standardized around the world, so, a spoon or Cup needs is the indispensable tools when you are a beginner Baker.

You should buy all the teaspoon, tablespoon, and cups, as well as choose the plastic or metal type to buy good, because sometimes you’ll need swung the raw materials have to be heated. Use the plastic type no good will adversely affect health. The price for the type of spoon, Cup swung from about 25$

3.2. Loss:

-Of course you cannot use scales to weigh health bakery. Make yourself a good balance the weight less, about 1-3 kg. Or is the best investment a weight swung to electronic material correctly. The price of a current electronic balance between 180,000 and above.

electronic scales

4. Cake mold:

4.1. the circular Mold Empire left: With the oven of 35l, 20 cm diameter mold type is appropriate.Also the smaller oven type, you select the purchase type of 16 cm diameter or 18cm is just okay!

Should buy the Roman Empire left to grab the cake easier.

4.2. Rectangular:

-This is the kind of stereotypes seem less common in the recipes, however, the application of extremely high. In addition to making the cake rectangles, you can use this mold to make baking tray baking tray rolls, cookies, made with bread bowls trays need to bake, … Versatile medium, save again, very suitable for the beginner Baker!

* Tips: before you buy, you keep measuring the size inside the oven (width and depth) to select a suitable mold size. You get the biggest possible molding to fit in the oven which still admit each side about 1-2 cm.

4.3. cupcake Molds, muffin:

-Muffin, you should use the 6 type 7 cm. diameter cup cupcake Mold also use 6 cups with diameter 5 cm.

5. insulation gloves:

-Select a good insulated gloves is also the way to ensure safety while cooking. You select a pair of gloves as thick as possible, with the length hooded up as high as possible.

6. the catch Bag ice cream:

-You can simply catch bag with decorative cream without the lamp holders. For example, you cut the top of the small bags to written text, or cut to more than to catch the cream circle. Recommend taking the catch bag cream 1 times, because that can cut the bag with the desired size, use the skip should be very clean.

7. Lamp holders stars catch the cream:

-With the new home baking, then you can select the type of lamp holders stars open, closed, or star flower eyeless eyeless simple.

8. the Coordinator of mixing Spatula:

-Coordinator for mixing the raw materials are better due to the 1 top MITRE silicone helps cleaned everything around and under the bottom of the mixing bowl.

9. rolling Plant powder:

-Used for rolling the dough when making biscuits, bread. You should choose the rolling tree wood flour, approximately 30 cm in length and 2 cm in diameter to hold just the hands. Reviews about 25,000 VND/.

10. raw material mixing bowl:

-The metal Bowl to no good and must be many people associate when prompted to make cake.However, for beginners to do cakes, to save costs, then take the bowl to, or even can be used always cooking pot (if using the pot then you remember to wash to not be sticking to previous food smells okay).Read more…

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