I always¬†love¬†the exquisite dessert, but I also afraid to enjoy because it’s too sweet or too fat. However Sweet potato Pudding is not a dish like that. Today I will make sweet sweet potato pudding dish. It is also an easy recipe dishes

Raw materials

-200 g of sweet potato.

-30gr road.

-150 ml whipping cream.

-150 ml milk.

-1 egg.

The tool

-Steaming slide.






-The baking Tray.


How to do

Step 1:

-Sweet potatoes washed and then give in to steaming slide.

Step 2:

-Peeled sweet potatoes then mash sweet potatoes with sugar.

Step 3:

-North a pot over the stove, heat whipping cream and milk, then pour into the mix together sugar sweet potato mixture.

Step 4:

-Reviews the Eggs and scatter the mixture well for sweet potatoes in step 3, mix well.

Step 5:

-Filter the mixture through a sieve in step 4 for the smooth and pour into each glass, small jugs. Put the baking tray into the boot, deep and then pour water into the tray so that flooded again jugs. Put into the oven at a temperature of 200 degrees C for 30 minutes is the finished pudding dish.

The silky smooth sweet potato pudding cups, sweet, fragrant Bui will certainly do you always like it !

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