Perhaps there’s no lovers of pastries believers that has not once been tasted delicious flavors of flan ecstasy.Today I share with you the mysteries explored flan through the pages of ancient history. Hopefully with this article, we’ll love you more charming flan cakes are light!

1. The definition of flan.

Cake or caramel flan is cooked cakes are the main ingredients are eggs and milk , caramel (caramel). This is a type of bread is probably originating from European cuisine. Currently popular in many parts of the world.

In Vietnam, the flan is gradually prevailing in urban areas as a dessert, an alms is the preferred young, a nutritious dish for children or pregnant women in general.

2, The ingredients of flan: Ingredients for flan products mainly include:

  • Eggs (often used for the eggs is not fishy, ​​mainly eggs taken yolk) – Milk (probably condensed milk, fresh milk, milk powder)
  • Condemned Sugar will be transformed into caramel.
  • In addition, many localities, regions, using other raw materials like flour , coconut milk, coconut, white water made ​​from seaweed jelly, ice cream, fruit juice. There are also other additives such as lime juice, vanilla, … along with some decorative fruits like dragon fruit, strawberries, pineapple, …

3. Variations of flan

Sometimes, sugar is replaced wins coffee water, giving a nuanced flan and fresh taste pretty special and a lot of people prefer. Try variations once offline!

Cake flan variant also have non-vegetarian eggs. It sounds strange, but this is the formula has been a lot of people believe and practice it!

Crème Brulee Cake. This is a variant of flan with caramel flan when burned slightly more hard and bitter of road when burned.

4. Enjoying the  flan correctly.

Flan cake is usually eaten cold by chilled in refrigerator before eating.

Cake poured onto the disc to share with caramel colored cockroach wings on a bun upward. Housewife can decorate with some sliced ​​products berries and spoon to eat.

Flan cake is said to have the most delicious specialties smooth, not dry, not pitting and no mortar. Hopefully with all This will make your writing better understand flan is more love and more of this lovely cake.

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