Only a short time to Mid-Autumn Festival will come, let’s take the time to find out what the moon cake powder right now every Mommy. If anyone has ever done it then learn more thoroughly, and who does not know can easily identify these types of powder when reading through this article!

All purpose Flour

All purpose Flour, also known as No. 8 wheat flour is the most commonly used flour for different types of bakery. This type of flour is easy to buy and easy to use. However, using this type of flour to make crispy baked cake will make the cake quite dry, hard and it takes about 3-4 days after baking to soften the cake.
How to use: In baking soda recipes using multi-purpose flour, usually ¼-1/2 tsp baking soda to soften the cake.

Cake flour

If using this cake completely to make cake crispy baked Mid-Autumn cake cake products will be very soft and fast down the oil, preserving also not long.

Find out 4 types of flour used to make crispy baked cake
How to use: Many recipes use ½ of multi-purpose flour + 1/2 cakes of powdered pastry and do not need baking soda to cover the cake is not too hard, nor too soft.

Bread flour

As a powder with a high protein content (about 13%), if using this powder completely to make crispy baked cake cake crust will be quite crispy and slightly cucumber, like the moon cake. once upon a time.

Find out 4 types of flour used to make crispy baked cake
How to use it: If your family still likes the traditional moon cake shell, you can still use this powder to make cake shell offline!

Pre-mixed powder for Moon-cake’s pan

The advantage and disadvantage of this powder is that seasoning seasoning is available as well as there are soft additives for sponge cake. But because of the condiment seasoning, it is difficult to adjust the sweetness of the cake according to taste. However, the ready-mixed powder is the “salvation” for the new moon cake do not know how to count the ingredients!
How to use: You can use this cake when making baking moon cake when baking cake, to limit the damage of the cake!

Some recipes grilled Moon Cake

How to make flexible moon cake

Coming to Mid-Autumn Festival instead of buying baby buns, you make yourself a cake. Hearty mooncakes with eye-catching pets make sure your baby will enjoy much more than the cake at the store!


– 105 gr
– sugar water 200 ml
– Green peas 100 gr
– White sugar 45 gr
– Cooking oil 28 gr (Kiddy oil)

Less than two months until the Mid-Autumn Festival, whether you have thought out a gift that is both meaningful and delicious food for your relatives and family. On the streets began to appear colorful glowing lanterns, there are golden cake and beautiful nursery make everyone happy and look forward to it. If the plastic cake brings you softness, sweetness, this pie has a rich flavor.

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