Chiffon cake is my favorite by a mild, non-porosity and tired and how to do it is quite simple. However if you do not pay any attention to the cause and how to fix some common errors when making the cake this then chiffon is difficult to get the perfect cake. Hope the article causes and how to fix some common errors when doing this chiffon cake will help you make the pie chiffon real tasty. Chiffon cake and cake types have quite the same way Hong Kong should you can also apply this article for the recipes of the flan cake!

-If your cake sliding off the mold as soon as you’ve just rolled over the bottom, then down into the cake mold into gear normally not yet be golden brown. This means you have not baked enough. Check the temperature and lengthen the baking time by 10 minutes. If the cake has become slightly too Brown, then the you banknotes cover cake face!

-If the pie molds but leave the cake again golden brown then please check the ratio of liquid in the recipe. If too much liquid, cake will be moist, and when you flip the cake mold, leave the mold due to the heaviness of the cake. In this case, only a short time when you take the cake out of the mold, the cake will be flat and right

-If your cake was waist may your egg white part has been carefully too.

-If the cake bottom was concave down, you can have your oven temperature is too high. When the temperature is too high, the gear will bloom too, when the cake is cold will be indented so

-If the surface of the cake cracked then this is the normal phenomenon so you don’t worry!

-If the heat up the oven too low, gear will bloom and hardly becomes creamy, fluffy

-If the oven temperature is not stable, the cake will not bloom properly as you desire and then re-inflated.

-If the cake in the oven, then immediately re-inflated the cause is often due to the temperature of the oven, the oven temperature may be too high or the temperature is not stable

-Usually the curved cake chiffon will guide you down the molds upside right after baking. If you do not capsized, the cake will be flat because at the moment the cake structure is still not stable. However, if the external temperature of the oven is too low, gear will falls very quickly. In this case, you can open the oven door to breathe air into the oven for a bit before taking the cake out of the oven.

-If the cake has several large holes is due when you pour the dough into the mold, the gas ball does not break out. After pouring the suds into the mold, tap mold down flat surface lightly to remove the ball when in the dough. If you don’t fold properly, the cake even has the White streaks caused by egg white is yet again!
Chiffon Cake-less re-inflated as cool as normal phenomena. But if the cake falls by half compared to the original height, then check to see if you beat the egg whites have stiff cotton (with the pointed Spire) and check both the process of fold the dough if you do flat and egg white in this process!

Hope the article causes and how to fix some common errors when doing this chiffon cake will help you make the pie chiffon really delicious!

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