Today I propose a chocolate mousse recipe … but not just any chocolate mousse! this is the recipe for great pastry chef Pierre Hermé and as you say that you like me succumb to the lightness of the foam and the fact that it is ultimately not very rich (yes!). And this is once again is on the stunning blog Françoise color life that I dug this recipe excellentissime foam! … This week, Expat our friends in Kaluga in Russia are there, back in Franche Comté with their children within a few days, just to relax a bit before facing the long Russian winter and c … is surrounded by most of our group of friends that November 1 we feasted around a good mountaineer dish … good … but at the raclette morbier! (yes in Russia, they are sometimes a bit County and raclette but it’s still not the same!) this … more 1 November, the weather was with us, the softness, the sun … aperitif on the terrace … we might even have eaten raclette on the terrace if we had been a little less numerous! And like any good meal with friends must end with a nice dessert, so I made this chocolate mousse for 18 guests of the day! … 18 glasses … 8 for adults and 10 for children … for the record, while children and teens were out at dessert …. parents have enjoyed their little mousse chocolate …. the other 10 remaining glasses momentarily on the set … but I must tell you how adults salivating, drooling with envy at even the mosses of their children, even up hope that they do not just eat to eat them their foam! … saying “I eat it or I do not eat him?” … my clever children had seen the dessert arrived had the survival reflex “Mom, if you want to eat now we can return it to our fridge foam? ” … Saved! the crafty … others do not all have the same luck … adults-they are greedy? ??? …. I think so !

Go after this record, I will give you the secrets of this ultrafacile ultralight foam that disappears in the mouth of an incredible way! … The best chocolate mousse I have ever made and eaten elsewhere!

INGREDIENTS for 5-8 people (depending on the size of the jar)

8 cl whole milk (1/2 skim milk for me)
175 g dark chocolate
20g sugar
4 egg whites
1 egg yolk

Crush the chocolate and place in a bowl or a bowl. Meanwhile boil the milk and pour it over the chocolate. Mix with a spatula until all chocolate is melted and the chocolate is very brilliant.
Add the egg yolk and mix well to get a smooth mixture.
Beat the egg whites with a pinch of salt .When they are firm gradually add the sugar and beat a little more.
Stir 1/4 of the egg whites to the chocolate base to relax the preparation, then add the remaining egg whites coating them gently to avoid breaking.

Dresser in individual glasses and refrigerate for at least 2 hours.

verdict: the best chocolate mousse I have ever done! .. Dixit Mr. Petitegentiane! (there is The compliment, because it is rare that it is enthusiastic like that!), and then saw how my friends seemed to love as they were willing to swallow their own mosses children, I think we can really say that this foam is divine!
Even the next day (I had prepared the day before)! But the same day it’s even a killer (yes, I had made some more history of taste before!).
With data proportions, I made 8 glasses (verrines not very big) or 5 large glasses (for big greedy!)

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