This is a dishe with only the materials which is easy to find and simple way to make, you can make it right now for a glass of delicious fluffy pudding off Italy always! Now is the time for learning the recipe of Sesame pudding mix delicious fruit!

Raw materials

-2.5 cups almond milk.

-3 tbsp honey.

-½ Cup black sesame.

-An orange peel.



-Flaked Coconut.

The tool

-Clean the bottle or Cup.


How to do

Step 1:

-Dairy almond and Sesame on the Cup or bottle.

-Then add a bit of honey and orange peel in small flaked on the same.

-Close the lid and let the milk in the refrigerator over night.

Step 2:

-The mango Peel, cut into small piece shaped, Blueberry rinse.

Step 3:

-Sesame almond Milk to refrigerated overnight, then retrieved, pouring out Cup or can to stay in the bottle, then set up fruit, sprinkle flaked coconut is again a bit more can enjoy!

I wish you success with making Sesame pudding mix delicious fruit!

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