The pancake is hot with topping is some types of seafood which is belonged to your prefer will definitely make you love! Going to the kitchen with me and learn to make delicious seafood pancake as recipes cooking!

Ingredients for the seafood pancake

-Seafood (any kind of seafood that you like such as shrimp, crab, squid, …).

-100 g of flour.

-1 egg.

-Green onions.

-Cooking oil.

The tool





How to do

Step 1:

-Guest Eggs for tan.

-Thick cut onion about 7 cm.

Step 2:

-Mix the flour with water in a large European stars showed the flour mixture slightly comparison again.

Step 3:

-For more seafood were preliminary, chopped into Europe flour mixture.

-Then Add ½ onion has cut into the top, mix well.

Step 4:

-North a saucepan up kitchen, for the oil to the Pan and add the ½ of the remaining green onions on top, light island.

-Then coated all over the pan.

Step 5:

-For more little eggs beaten up on the cake, then turn the cake to a cake are yellow ripening is complete.

With doing extremely simple, you had the right for his incredibly attractive seafood pancake!

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