There is any layer in this cake has a colourful blend together layers of cool cream will definitely make you love this cake immediately always! In the kitchen with me to learn to do this shimmering Rainbow Crepe!

Raw materials

-240gr flour.

-500 ml of fresh milk.

-heat butter 65gr flows.

-75gr road.

-15 ml of vegetable oil.

-4 chicken eggs.

-Colours: green, red, yellow, Orange, blue, purple, ….

-500 ml Whipping Cream.

The tool

-Mixer, nonstick, Coordinator of mixing.

How to do

Step 1:

Guest are mixed-flour, eggs, milk, butter, cooking oil and sugar to 35gr when all the ingredients blend together

Step 2:

-Flour mixture evenly into 6 small bowl, for 1-2 drops of food coloring to each bowl, stir well.

Step 3:

-Northern Pan onto the stove, basting a thin layer of cooking oil over the pan. When the Pan is hot, then powder coated all over it, for the basin. Wait until the dry powder then turned on, the remaining side. next, fried When both sides of cake are both nine, then lift out the disc.

-Do constantly for the remainder of the flour.

Step 4:

-Whipping Cream cotton and sugar 40gr Beat rest until you see the mixture of cotton and foam.

Step 5:

-Cover the crepe onto a flat surface, covered with a layer of Whipping cream up, rub the spatula and then for an additional layer of crepe, Whipping cream-covered up and rub the spatula. Just do so continuously until the end of the cake.

-If the Whipping Cream leftovers, you covered the Whipping Cream this up around the surface of the cake.

Step 6:

-To the cake in the refrigerator for at least 1 hour for the structure stable cake and cut the cake and enjoy!

But pretty much the stage but how do this Rainbow crepe cake nor is required where, look at the finished cake is extremely beautiful that also taste delicious!

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