The sweet flavor of cakes pumpkin combined with coconut milk greasy will certainly be a great recipe that you can not miss?! Along with me, we will learn how to bread coconut milk sweet this fragrance!

Bakery pumpkin coconut milk

Part pumpkin:

-450 mL of water.

-・ 50 g green beans.

-150gr pumpkin mash.

-100 g sugar-white sand.

Coconut milk: section

-175ml coconut milk.

-135ml water.

-・ 25 g plain flour, green beans.

-40gr white sugar.

-½ tsp salt.

-4 aircraft was the pineapple.

Bread tools coconut milk



-Coordinator cages.


How to make coconut milk pumpkin pie

Step 1:

-Mix all the ingredients in the pumpkin together. Then pour pumpkin mixture into the pot, simmer the mixture until you see the Adminstrative quánh back. When the pumpkin has a special quánh, pour the mixture into a bowl (or stereotypes) are available, let cool.

Note: absolutely no mixed module with heat and stir constantly to hand to avoid making the pumpkin mixture burned and stick to the bottom of the pot.

Step 2:

-Get 1 other clean Bowl, mix well all the ingredients at the coconut milk together, then pour the mixture into a clean pot, simmer (pineapple leaves washed, to mix together to fragrant mixture) and stir until you see the Adminstrative quánh mixture again, then turn off the stove.

Step 3:

-Picked leaves out removed, pour the coconut milk mixture to the pumpkin mixture portion containers tô. Use chopsticks Islands by S-shaped 4-5 times to have the van.

Step 4:

-Take the cake away cleaning with the average fire for about 30 minutes till to the cake would finished!

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