Pumpkin is a benign and there are many good effects to health. When combined with the flan cake, pumpkin will do should taste sweet and gentle fragrance enchanting. Let’s improve the health of ourselves by making cakes-pumpkin flan for healthy body!


-5 chicken eggs

-½ cans of condensed milk

-300 ml fresh milk without sugar

-100 grams of sugar

-100 grams of sweetened condensed milk

-3 results-pumpkin


-Wooden Scoops

-Clean Bowl

-Hand-held whisk Coordinator

-Mesh sieve



How to do

Step 1:
-Use a sharp knife slit shape onto the fuselage and ripped out the pumpkin pumpkin fruits. Then use a spoon to squash seeds out. Mystery meat is very thick so you need to make the pulley with a knife about not more broadly to many more than gear can accommodate.

-For the secret to cleaning for about 15 minutes. Sometimes you swing open the pot to not be hydrated. When the pumpkin, taking out to cool.

Step 2:

-For eggs out of a clean Bowl, you weed out as many whites as possible, gently stir eggs Coordinator used one-way to the egg melts but not cotton.

-For 300 ml fresh milk without sugar, 50 grams of sugar white sand and 100 grams of sweetened condensed milk into the eggs. Use the whisk stir Coordinator for the soluble component in each other.

-Take out the pumpkin meat finely. Then mix into above mixture. Stir melted to be homogeneous mixture.

-Pour the mixture over the zucchini. Then let into the autoclave for about 30 minutes. Regularly open the lid to steam escape. When the egg mixture, then back East bread has nine.

Step 3:

-While waiting for the cake, for the remaining sugar into the pot at the same little water filter enough wet road. Heat the mixture in the medium until the sugar water turns golden brown, then turn off the stove. Stir the sugar water to turn better. Finally to add 2 teaspoons of water and stir.

-When nine cake then took out the disc and caramel up sprinkle soy source

This is a very simple and delicious dishes.

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