Chiffon cake is always enticing people by its natural fluffy. Today I will introduce to you with chiffon cake is pineapple leaf component. Hope you will succeed and bring the fun to your friends!

Raw materials

-150 g of flour
-2 tsp baking powder
-150 ml coconut milk
-8 chicken egg yolk
-10 chicken egg white
-200 g sugar
-3 tbsp cooking oil
-1 tsp vanilla essence
-1 tsp cream of tartar
-1 tsp pure pineapple leaves

The tool

-Chiffon Mould
-Mixing Coordinator
How to do

-Turn the oven 175 degrees C in the previous available 10 p
-In a bowl, Beat egg yolks with sugar 140g.

-For wheat has finer sieve together baking powder, the salt into the mix. Continue for vanilla, coconut, cooking oil, pineapple leaf essences into the mix, so that the mixture blend with each other.
-In a clean, dry Bowl, beat the egg white cotton with cream of tartar about 1 p. Then slowly for 60 g sugar on. The mixture is achieved when lift rod eggs appear soft tip (not too hard)

-Guest white mixture is finished we get 1/3 of the mixture to blend in with the yolk mixture. Use coordinator mix from bottom to top, mix gently. Continue for ½ mixture that bring the mix to 2/3 of the mixture, and then white for the remaining ½ pitches into the mix along

Note: the process of mixing the powder are soothing, all hands, mix from bottom to top to avoid rupture gas makes cotton bloom no cake.
-Pour the flour mixture into the mold, and chiffon in the oven.
-Bake for about 55-p until the cake is golden was ripe.

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