Men are born to be a predators, they always chase something in the world, they think that when won will be satisfied but then things are not so simple because actually started Hunting will never stop. Perhaps the story originated from the role of spearmint into the woods from prehistoric times, prey instincts have absorbed deep into the subconscious. And then those poor creatures are still obsessed with hunting, even when the need to find food is not urgent. For most of us, the goal for the first “hunt” is for women. 

When I was growing up, my personality was still unbearable, naturally, one day I found out that I like to look, like to talk with my schoolmates, and more in the same class. And so, listening to the words of the senior: “Use Yahoo just to make fun stories, If you want her to think you seriously, need to use sms”, dark blanket cover phone Nokia 12 classic messaging To that girl until his eyes are heavy or when the other end of the line has no response, comfort themselves that people have slept or self-torture: “well, sure today I talk bland. too”. Then the small gifts, the private play, away from the eyes of the audience of the only small amount of money but still fun extremely. Some people take weeks, people every month, people every year to catch the girl, some people never catch up and give up this hunting trip.

Growing up is a bit more complicated, besides chasing after the daughters whom we have sympathy for, this is the time when new “prey” appear: more abstract, desirable and desirable animals. Those who enjoy the freedom to pursue the journey, hunt for new lands to conquer, do not exist the concept of “border” in their prism. But the cars are not running water and the body is the same, they have to trade the torture dates with “work”, in exchange for what they need to continue their endless journey. The fervent chase chases after the words “success”, which are often associated with money and fame – things to pay for with serious physical and mental wounds. The pursuit of knowledge for a lifetime locked up to chisel the brain, become eccentric, leaving their own lives to devote all to humanity. Those who seek peace are simpler, but do not mean that they do not pursue anything, they still run the word “stable” is very vague and difficult to guess, pursue whole life without knowing the shape. Why, because each time you touch, it transforms into another shape, running faster, harder to reach over, the main disadvantage. Only the true monks have escaped the human instinct to hunt. We are all pitiful creatures, going forward, forgetting to enjoy the simple things they did when they were young: an evening stroll under the stars; Two glasses of milk tea by the lake when it is cold; One morning I get up late, lying on my bed, watching the silly movie that I like, sheltering the world outside or enjoying a good meal.

It sounded contradictory to a hunter’s antagonist, but I agree with the view of hunters and of those who worshiped nature in the past: they came to the dying animal, said apologies. The brother “and pray for its soul, ending by honoring the dead animal using all that remains with the most cherished attitude. That is why horny knives, sophisticated carved bone objects, beautiful carpets and rustic dishes that have long been remembered. It’s easy to understand why hunter-style treats are easy to pick up, because each of us has a part in common with them – they have the instincts of hunters.

Pappardelle alla lepre is one of them. Cooking from rabbit meat – one of the most overlooked meats (though most rabbit meat is now reared rabbits) combined with the flat pasta, the characteristic Toscana, But fragrance is hard to deny. What I like about this dish is the feeling of being overwhelmed, when the larger pasta leaves are often matched in rabbit meat with aromatic fragrant herbs, making a large mouth full of palate. The meat fibers, the intense aroma of red wine and sometimes a little bit of the little, fragrant fragile from the juniper, like a peanut in the temperate forest. I just saw Pappardelle alla lepre in the new Hannibal episode. With a knife, fire, you know what instinct is waving me to do.

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