Let’s imagine! If you combine the smooth soft milk egg flan with pineapple leaf fragrance, cool blue, then what? The result is that you will give out the oven pineapple leaves flan extremely unique and delicious! Today we can dispel the summer with how to do the cool and sweet Pandan flan!


-4 chicken eggs.

・a half-leaves.

-100 ml of water.

-200 ml Whipping Cream.

-700 milliliters of milk.

-・ Road.

-5 ml vanilla essence.

Pandan flan tools

-Large bowl, spoon, Coordinator, mixer, xửng cleaning, sieve, Blender.

How to make flan pineapple leaves

Step 1:

-Wash the pineapple Leaves, chopped, for the same Blender on a little water, pureed and then filtered through a sieve to get water.

Step 2:

-For 3 tablespoons of sugar to the Pan, heat until sugar flowing out and reclining brown yellow then to add little water, heat until caramel is glue.

-You have to be careful because when making caramel, the melting temperature of a very high road should be burned very well.

-Quickly pour caramel hot while on campus the caramel evenly coated the bottom of the memory, the mold.

Step 3:

-For eggs, sugar, milk, whiping cream into a large bowl, use a whisk beat the mixture really smooth.

-Filter the mixture through a sieve to remove the pig cợn and baking products more smooth.

-Then add the pineapple leaf juice and vanilla, mix well.

Step 4:

-Pouring the mixture into the mould has lined available caramel.

-The mould this into the pot cleaning, cleaning from 25-30 minutes as nine cake.

How to do not too picky but you have to be surprised because the taste of the pineapple leaves this flan! Are you ready to learn how to do Lambanh365.com together leaves sweet flan cool yet?

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