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What is causing pain in the left side of belly button?

Do you often get a minor pain in left side of belly button? It’s one of the common symptoms that people concern and seek medical treatment.

In most case, it causes discomfort and may go way on its own within a day or two. In a more serious case, when the pain is related to an accident or injury, or triggers other serious symptoms, you should call your local service emergency right away.

In this article, we’re writing about common causes of this pain. It promises to work a lot with you. Keep scrolling!

10 causes of Pain In The Left Side Of Belly Button

There are many causes of pain in the left of belly button. For better understanding its mild symptom as well as having medical treatment when it becomes more severe, you should put know about what triggers your pain first.

 pain in the left side of belly button

1. Diverticulitis

Diverticulitis is the most common cause of the pain in the lower left abdomen. It often goes along with swelling, infection, even fever, nausea and diarrhea. When the pain is mild, people just need to rest, change their diet and take antibiotics. However, if the situation gets worse, they will have to do surgery for complete treatment.

2. Colitis

Pain in the left side of belly button may also be resulted from colitis (inflammation of the colon), followed by diarrhea or bloody diarrhea. There are three main causes of Colitis, including infections (such as from food poisoning), poor blood supply, and autoimmune reactions.

3. Indigestion

Indigestion does not only discomfort you but also triggers left side abdominal pain. People have digestive problem when having improper diet, anxiety, reaction to medications, pregnancy, or disease.

Normally, indigestion causes pain in the upper part of abdomen but in some cases, it may also happen in the lower part, presenting with other signs like discomfort, pain or burning sensation.

4. Gas

Passing gas is the normal result of swallowing and digestion. However, when it goes along with other symptoms like vomiting, diarrhea, constipation or unintentional weight loss, don’t hesitate to talk to your doctor.

5. Hernia

Other cause of the pain is Hernia, which happens when an organ or other parts of body pushing through the abdominal wall. Then, a lump or bulge may appear with in the abdomen or near the groin. Because hernias often lead to other serious symptoms, you should see the doctor for diagnosis and treatment as soon as possible.

6. Kidney stone

Every year, there are over a half-million people to go to emergency rooms for kidney stone problems, according to the National Kidney Foundation. This symptom appears as a reminder when your body receives insufficient amount of water and exercise, endures obesity and weight-loss surgery, and absorbs an excessive portion of salt or sugar from food.

Pulled or strained abdominal muscle

7. Pulled or strained abdominal muscle

You might get pain in the left side of the abdomen when the muscles around it are pulled or strained. This symptom is commonly the result of overstretching (lifting, twisting), over-exercising (doing too many sit-ups, crunches), or even hard coughing and sneezing. To ease the pain, you should take a rest and apply a cold pack on it.

8. Menstrual cramps (in women)

Women have probably known the feeling of discomfort during period days. They have to face to tiredness, backache, cramps as well as pain in the left side of the abdomen caused by it. If your pain is severe and interferes with your daily activities, you should see your doctor for advice and medical support.

Menstrual cramps

9. Pelvic inflammatory disease (in women)

Another cause of the pain women have to deal with is Pelvic inflammatory disease (PID), an infection of the reproduction system in women. According to the Centers for Disease Control, PID is often caused by untreated sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), such as such as chlamydia and gonorrhea.

10. Testicular torsion (in men)

Men may experience the left side abdominal pain when having testicular torsion.  Although there is any conclusion of its cause, the symptom occurs most in boys at the age of 12 to 16. Before testicular torsion is serious, you should see the doctor as soon as possible even when the pain clears up on its own within a few day.

men pain in the left side


Knowing causes of the pain in the lower left abdomen, you may stick to the next question:“How to treat it?” It really depends on what triggers the pain and how it is, mild or severe. For instance, diverticulitis results from infection can be treated by some antibiotics and resting. Meanwhile, more structural problems, like hernia may need surgery.

For severe symptoms that go along with other serious signs such as Testicular torsion and Pelvic inflammatory disease, seeing the doctor is a must.

Pain in the left side of belly button is a common symptom but is also something that you need pay attention to. Knowing its cause is necessary to make fast relief and, more importantly, help in the diagnosis and treatment of the doctor.

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