A basic recipe may be is not a delicious recipe. Sometimes you also need to change the ingredients for the cake to create a kind of new gear, or simply to change accordingly. However, don’t be desperate arbitrarily change yourself by not material would also be eased, more in the formula. If the wrong changes not only damage the gear that can be harmful to health. First, let’s start with the cake recipe that you’ve learned somewhere, follow the steps and instructions were just some other material or material change to become more delicious cakes. Please refer to the note when changing material in my recipes.

Basically, you should still keep the main raw material for making the cake, just changing a few ingredients to create delicious cake to taste like the extracts, alcohol, aromatic vegetables, spices, orange peel, tangerines, chocolate … after the flakes or dried. These materials not only do not alter the structure of the cake but also help to make the cake taste particularly delicious. Note that each cake you should only add a flavour ingredients, if you do not want your pie become a “melting pot” is hard to swallow.

Reducing sugars and fats

Excessive use of sugars and fats in the cake is usually not good for health. Good idea for about 10 to 15% sugars and fats. If you are already familiar and sweet, try to reduce the amount of sugar in the cake slowly

Add flour, grains

Cereal has from nature (barley, oats), so it’s good for the body. To ensure nutritious delicious cake, you should replace about 10 to 15% of the amount of starch in bread cereal flour. Also if you love cereal, little more can be added.

Replace butter with plant material

Butter from animals often contain more fat, so also not good for the health. You should replace the butter with a coconut oil or margarine, fatty, delicious, ensure back ensure good for the body.

Replace the intake of cow’s milk

Should replace the amount of cow’s milk in the cake with milk extracts from soy, almonds, oats or by orange juice, lime juice … The material contains very high nutrient concentrations, at the same time they also derived from nature should be fairly clean.

The raw materials are not replaced

During processing, if you try to change the inappropriate materials can lead to broken gear such as discolored, do not bloom well, or worse is burnt, even harmful to health. Such as:

-Replace the liquid sweetener (siro, honey) by road.

-Replace (or add) the acidic ingredients like sour milk (buttermilk) or lemon juice instead of milk or water (and vice versa).

-Replace the flour with Gluten flour. Wheat flour high Gluten content is often used to make these cakes need sturdy, supple texture as bread, low Gluten content made the cakes, gato, chiffon …

And specifically: should not replace the fat with butter, because that will affect the structure of the cake bakery, thick and heavy, it swells to no.

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