A sweet treat to end a good meal ..rien like! or for children’s snacks! … How about small muffins all pink with a heart filled with beautiful small morello cherries?

Every time I make muffins, I make several kinds because we must satisfy gourmands 5 family (I count myself in it you saw!) Who each have their little preferences to examine each ..the muffins with chocolate chips, the other for muffins chestnut cream, some will claim me body and cries muffins raspberry or pistachio, apricot, banana and chocolate, blueberry, strawberry, … well sometimes I do not know where to turn (to see recipes for these muffins, click the index of sweet recipes or the cakes category in the right column of this blog )! The other day when I made my first cupcakes scented with wild blueberries, I thought to becoming a strong Chocolate Chip Version appreciated by my youngest … it was not counting on the eye of “Moscow” who always sees all that is in the freezer and I’m like my shadow when I go down, you never know sometimes I lose my way (yes the freezer is in the basement my good lady !) I named my Floflo! … I am sure that in another life she was commander general information …. short, while I left my bag of frozen blueberries, cherries she saw a bag of cherries not need you … make a drawing on the stage following:
“-Tell mom is cherries this?
– Uh, yes cherries darling!
– Mom, you can make muffins with cherries? it’s too good !
– Yeah why not! ”
And thus were born the little muffins tender and pink heart that melts not only fun my Floflo but also her brother, her sister and their father …. …. what a bunch of greedy I There ! we must cling sometimes! because demand is strong and insistent for me to do all the time when they find it “too good” as was the case for these blueberry muffins (recipe here) like those with cherries!

INGREDIENTS for 12 muffins:

2 eggs
150 g of sugar
1 yogurt
200 g flour
125 g butter
1 packet of dry yeast
1 rum cap
6 cherries cherries (frozen from home for me Mr. P) by muffins
icing sugar

Melt the butter in the microwave (1 min 30 mini power for me).

In a bowl, mix the sugar with the eggs with an electric mixer until the mixture whitens. Gradually add the flour sifting continuing to beat the batter. add yogurt. Mix. add the melted butter and mix well. Add rum to flavor the dough.

In silicone muffin cups or paper boxes resistant to heat (better!) Put a big tablespoon of dough. Add morello cherries 4 (still frozen) then put a teaspoon of dough. finish with a cherry. The mold must be filled to 2/3 or it will overflow!

Bake for 25 minutes in a preheated oven at 180 ° C.

Note: cherries have made a lot of juice by cooking, I had left my muffins bake 20 minutes at the start but the views of the color I had pursued for 2 minutes.
In the end, I found that the muffins were missing a little cooking. It must be said that after 14 minutes of cooking, I added a new cherry on top thinking she would remain on top … well that neni! she also pressed into the dough the matron!
Conclusion: you must cook the muffins 25 minutes, and do not put the cherry on top after 14 minutes but wait until the muffins are baked to put it! Personally, I expected them to be cooled, I dusted with icing sugar and only after I gave an even frozen cherry on top of my muffins to look pretty!

Verdict: although for my taste it was missing a cooking chouilla, everyone loved it! this version was unanimous (which is nevertheless rare at home!) … to do with fresh cherries in season! (it will just pit! there were pitted cherries my … and that’s cool! … well together to pit cherries is not complicated, with a peak of wooden skewer (taking the flat side not the tip), it goes very well and is fast enough to do I can assure you (tested and approved last year to make jam with black cherries step-dad garden)! …

Finally, some snow storm pictures on the Franche-Comté! after a lull for a few days, the white lady reappeared yesterday, giving back to their local roads beautiful white color (not too beloved by motorists!) ….
These images were taken 15 days ago from my windows … 5 cm in 2H, one morning … a few hours after the rain was coming this morning …. that is all white again, a small beautiful layer of snow covers everything … it’s beautiful and the children will be able to give their heart and pay good slices bob descents on our land (steep!) .. perfect time for the holidays!
that day, it really was snowing heavily, not many birds in the cherry tree from my neighbor, old tree where our friend the little squirrel Dark everything likes to jump from branch to branch as an acrobat, where épeiches peaks and woodpeckers like Upcoming pecking in the trunk, where robins gasouillent with great tits …. only a dove braved the elements, alone on a branch watching me from the corner of my eye, I who was well sheltered in my kitchen!

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