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Mom In Tears After Her Son Finds Electric Razor And Shaves Off His And Sister’s Hair

Sometimes, our children can leave us laughing to tears by the most hilarious accidents. You cannot leave them alone for a single second, as kids are especially curious with electrical items in the family home and they cannot understand what consequences their actions will bring.

Stephanie Plucknette, a nurse from Texas, USA recently posted a series of clips of an accident involving her 3 children on Instagram. She was getting ready for work when she spotted her kids playing with an electric razor. As it turns out, her eldest son Teddy found her electric razor and shaved off both his and his sister’s hair.

Stephie began the clip in tears, telling her followers how her son cut his sibling’s hair. Teddy started out by shaving the top of his head, leaving a few hanging strands. After that, he cut the back of his sister’s hair in a “haphazard fashion” and left her with a few random bald patches on top of his head.

After being shared on Twitter by Stephie’s brother, the video quickly went viral with more than 442,000 likes and 208,000 retweets. While it was sad to look at these kids who turned their heads into a disaster, many people found it hilarious. It’s hard not to laugh when Stephanie asked her daughter if she likes her new haircut and she immediately replies “No”.

Many people also praised the mother for staying so so calm and comforting her kids that the hair will grow back. “It’s okay, it’s just hair and it will grow back, you still look like a girl, we can fix it.” One commenter said: “I love how she was freaked out but didn’t show it too much for them to freak out.”

Watch the video here!

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