This is a kind of cake introduced from America and it become familiar for the perfect sweet adherents in Vietnam in the last few years. With combining many different raw materials that make up the unique donut cakes, then today I also please send it to you how to do the cake very delicious Matcha dounut!

Raw materials

-95gr multipurpose flour.

-・ 25 g plain sugar.

-1 tsp baking powder.

-½ tsp salt.

-6 g powdered green tea.

-1 egg beaten.

-80 ml of fresh milk.

-35gr butter heat flow.

-15 ml of honey.

The tool

-Donut dough mixer, Coordinator, European mix, oven bags, getting ice cream.

How to do
Step 1:

-Screw is at 220 degrees Celsius temperature.

Step 2;

-Mix the flour, baking powder, salt, powdered xnah in in a large European

Step 3:

-Add the milk, butter, egg and honey flow module into the flour mixture, stir to blend ingredients all together.

Step 4:

-For the powder into cream and then catch bag moulding mixture into the molds ¾ full.

Step 5:

-Bake for about 8-10 minutes at a temperature of 220° C, until the cake is soft, fragrant bloom sees it.


-You can boil the chocolate milk chocolate black or flowing to sprinkle soy source up on Donuts raises more attractive section!

How do is not too complicated but you can tell immediately baked delicious donuts did not lose anything outside the bakery shop!

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