Mousse is a kind of cake that no stranger to Vietnam cuisine. The pie was loved by gentle texture, eye-catching color and fresh flavor of fresh fruit. A mousse cake will help you regain energy in hot summer. With this recipe below, I would like to guide you how to make mango mousse gateaux base!

Raw materials

Base of gateaux

-2 chicken eggs

-40 grams of sugar white sand

-45 grams wheat flour smooth sieve multi-functional

-5 gram flour, sift smooth

-1 pinch of salt

Mousse composition

-2 mangoes (choose type of Mango Mango flesh fleshy, sand less fiber) about 600 grams

-100 grams of sugar

-20 ml of honey

-1 pinch of salt

-1 lemon squeezed juice 20 ml if the mango is sweet or 5-10 ml if the mango is sour

-4 leaves gelatine (about 8 grams)

-20 ml of filtered water

-100 ml sweetened yogurt

-5 ml of vanilla essence

-250 ml fresh cream hit cotton

Jelly covered part on the surface of the cake

-2 leaves gelatine soaked cold water for soft (note do not soak the gelatine leaves, warm water will melt loss), squeeze the drain.

-20 ml Mango Smoothie + 1/2 spoons of lemon juice

-70 ml boiling water

-30 grams of sugar, to taste

The tool



-Clean Bowl



-Cake mold

How to make cake

Step 1:

-Eggs beaten with sugar for about 10 minutes until a smooth cotton blends, pale yellow or pale.

-Mix well the flour with wheat flour and salt.

-Sift the flour slowly to the egg mixture and mix gently.

-Pour the powder into the circular mold or shape preferences were lined paper or buttered sprinkled flour.

-Screw the hot oven 175 degree C, bake about 20 minutes or until the cake, not to get too dry, will be to train non-wheel will collapses. Take the cake out of the mold, to cold for slotted on the price.

-Cut the bottom cake into thick slices about 1-1.5 cm.

Step 2:

-The mango Peel, take meat and let in a blender, grind together with sugar, honey and lemon juice 20 ml (to create natural sour as well to avoid the color of mangoes being intensive). Then, filter the mixture through a sieve, remove back 20 ml to the jelly on the cake.

-Gelatine Leaves soaked in cold water for 10-15 minutes, remove the extractor drained. For into a small bowl along the water, 20 ml cleaning water to melt, to cool less, and then mixed with mango mixture.

-Fresh cream for on the icebox for about 5 minutes then take off hit cotton.

-Mix the yogurt sweetened with fresh cream and vanilla. Mix fresh cream and mango mixture General.

Step 3:

– Use molding soles leave the baking mould with diameter gateau above. Cut a strip of cellophane paper with a height greater than or equal to the height of the mould to the lining around the mold.

-Put 1 slice of cake bottom soles mould, pour the mousse mixture, are for flat face and take off into the cool pane of about 1-2 hours.

Step 4:

-For gelatine leaves in boiling water 2, stirring to melt off, for the Mango Smoothie and sugar to stir. To cool only slightly longer warm feeling. After the pie in the refrigerator was pretty crowded (after 1-2 hours), take it out, pour the jelly mixture onto the cake.

-Preserved in cool drawer refrigerator over night. While eating you can decorate with fresh cream, chocolate or with fresh mangoes.

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