If you are a food fanatic then surely you will not be able to ignore the mango chiffon pie upon arrival in Manila. The pie like a small Sun with brilliant Golden colors will attract you from afar. Come a little closer, the mango flavor stimulates each of your senses. And when you try the first pieces, the greasy cream, mango taste tasty, … All the ingredients blend into each other causing you no way to end out. One piece, two piece, … you eat and just want to eat by you’ve been sweet mango chiffon pie “conquered” completely!

Raw materials

The cake part
-2 cups cake flour, sift smooth

-¾ cup white sugar

-1 tablespoon (15 grams) baking powder (baking powder)

-7 egg whites

-7 egg yolks

-½ teaspoon (5 grams) cream of tartar (sold in the supermarket and bakery shop)

-½ cup corn oil

-¾ cup mango juice (use fresh Mango Puree or replaced by canned mango juice)

-1 cup fresh mango, ripe, sliced

Section topping
-½ cup (1 stick) butter, softened, so at room temperature

-¼ cup heavy cream

-¼ cup mango juice (use fresh Mango Puree or replaced by canned mango juice)

-3 cups confectioner’s sugar

-1 cup fresh mango, ripe, sliced

How to do

Make cake
Step 1:

-Oven at 350 ○ C.

-Use scraper round spoon the mango into small round blocks. To cool the refrigerator compartment.

Step 2:

-Sift flour ¾ cup fine bread, white sugar, baking powder, and then sealed and put to one side.

-Using a whisk, beat the egg whites and cream of tartar at high speed.

-When the mixture turning to bright white, glossy and create soft peaks, then slowly add ¾ cup white sugar.

-Continue few more minutes at high speed until the mixture is homogeneous. Cover and set aside.

-Stir corn oil, egg yolk, ¾ cup mango juice. Used machines are all mixed in an average speed of about 3-5 minutes, when the raw materials incorporated.

-For the mango mixture, egg yolks into egg white mixture and mix well.

Step 3:

-Pour the mixture on the baking mould into 8 inch diameter (inches) high, 4 inches (about 10 cm).

-Baked at a temperature 350 C 45 minutes came when in ○ cakes are golden brown.

-Take the cake out and let it cool completely for about 1-2 hours before decorating together mango.

Make layers of topping
Step 1:

-Use the machine the butter soft and ¼ cup did the mango juice at high speed. Add 1 cup sugar and beat until soft, smooth mango butter cream, table tennis.

-Continue to add confectioner’s sugar, heavy cream to the mixture, alternating beat more minutes for uniformity and to cool the refrigerator compartment.

Step 2:

-After the cake has totally cooled core, basting the mango butter cream evenly over entire cake and decorate with fresh mango sphere was prepared.

-Keep the cake in the refrigerator to cool before using.

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