Last year, the “menu” for the new year our family has deep fried lotus root, It is spontaneous and accidental from a lotus root had been survived after stewed chicken soup. I had mistakenly thought that I had to record its recipe in detail, but the morning I was accessed Facebook to show off photos on this dish made by my kids yesterday afternoon, even I was sure people spell “Table of Contents”. It turned out that there has never been this recipe.

By this time I can not be lazy anymore.

Lotus root is the root of the tree (flowers) Lotus, are harvested in winter. Small lotus leaf appears in the spring, with summer terrace (from which comes the delicious lotus tea kettle), lotus appear in autumn dry weather hydrophilic (😉 lotus salad). Hardest winter, one has to take a dip in the pond to get up to his lotus root processing into delicious dishes.

At home this season and a lot of fresh lotus root, each laden bikes are sold on street corners or in the market place to market to large toad. In Japan as well as lotus root season. Last month saw but not much new, and somewhat expensive. Sang to this point much lotus root. Farmers Market this morning also brings physicians sale. New fresh mud stains, rinse under running water is a clean polished deck.

Once washed, peeled (soaked in salted water while peeling the other tubers). Thin cell, the thickness of the pieces are equal.

Fried in boiling oil, fire medium / small.

When was the yellow lotus root, take out the oil filter paper lined plate. To cool, store in sealed plastic bags.

Can mix with the powdered sugar sweet snack.

Or it can be mixed with powdered cheese, and a little flour to make a pineapple leaf snack salty.

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