This is the recipe of Lemon Shortbread which would give to you the pieces of Shortbread that softer, it melts in the mouth, as it is slightly so it’s different from the brittleness typically that found in shortbread cake. Lemon Shortbread cake is the recipe which you’re going to learn with me immediately!

Raw materials
-butter 226g, heat to flow

-100 g sugar

-Shell of half a lemon yellow, you just take the gold shell of lang

-312g multipurpose flour

-60 g oatmeal

-5 tbsp corn starch

The tools

-20 × 20 cm square cake Mold



How to do:

-Preheat the oven at a temperature of 180° C

-For sugar and lemon peel shavings into the grinder, grind the lemon peel until evenly with the Republic

-For medium grind sugar into the bowl with the flour, oatmeal, corn starch and mix well.

-Pour the butter into the flour mixture over the flow and mixing for both butter and flour together.

-Pour the flour mixture into the molds have line, you should copy the lining for the excess wax paper out many a little to get better at feeding okay! Lightly flour a flat surface and calendered parts flour

-Use the forks pierce the little hole up all over face powder, you can also sprinkle more sugar to the dough if you like.

-Baking cakes about 2 minutes or until you see the pale yellow cake around edge of cake. If you bake a little longer then the cake will more brittle.

-To the cake cool a few minutes and then use a knife to cut the cake when the cake is still warm into pieces of square or rectangle.

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