With how is simple and easy-to-find ingredients, you can totally create yourself a unique pancake dish!Let’s Cook along with me to do pancakes lemon caramel sauce which is  fragrant and sweet!

Raw materials

The cake part:

-100gr bôt multipurpose pasta.

-・ 50 g of sugar.

-3 eggs.

-300 ml of milk.

-heat butter 80gr flows.

-・ vanilla.

Caramel lemon section:

-4 lemon yellow.

-40gr of butter.

-2gr salt.

-75gr brown sugar.

The tool



-Coordinator cages.

How to do

Step 1:

-Mix all the cake ingredients in a large European, stir to blend all ingredients together.

Step 2:

-North a saucepan up kitchen, wait for the hot pan, for a bit of butter to heat flow instead of using cooking oil.

-Then put them into the flour mixture into the Pan, coating evenly across the surface of the Pan thin staging for powder.

Step 3:

-Fry about 1 minute, then turn the cake again, fry the other side until surface pitches both sides are nine gold.

Note: you remember the true wheel gently to the cake doesn’t crack!

Step 4:

2 lemon yellow-washed, sliced, seeds removed.

-2 lemon squeezed water, remove the remaining seeds.

Step 5:

-For butter, brown sugar and salt to the Pan, heat flows to make caramel.

Step 6:

-After the mixture Brown cockroach wings then for the lemon slice on.

-Then add lemon juice on top, stir and then turn off the stove.

Step 7:

-For the pancakes onto plates, sprinkle soy source lemon caramel sauce up and enjoy!

The soft thin pancake pie combined with bitter-sweet lemon sweet caramel sauce to eat pole like

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