When referring to the lemon in pastry recipes, people understand that they are lemons. The diffirence type with green is lime which we use everytime is very rare formula for baking. A type of fruit on the topping, chilled and not baking anymore, the better. So Key Lime Pie is a delicious cake with crispy bread crust and sweet custard combined with lemon fragrant ingredients will definitely make you love it.Material:

– 450ml whipping cream.

– 3 tablespoons condensed milk.

– 3 limes.

– 200gr of cookies.

– 80gr soft butter to soften at room temperature.

– 3g salt.


– zip bags.

– Flake.

– Razor blades.

– Mold.

– Mixer.

– Bowl.

How to make key lime pie

Step 1:

Put the biscuits in a zip bag, lock the mouth of the bag and use a roll of mash to grind the cake.

Step 2:

Mix biscuits, salt and butter all together and pour into the pan, spread the spoon evenly and squeeze the biscuit mixture into the mold to make the cake. Then place the cake in the cooler of the refrigerator to shape.

Step 3:

– Lemon wash, grind the green (about 1 teaspoon).

Then cut limes in half and squeeze the water.

Step 4:

Beat whipping cream, sugar and condensed milk together in a large bowl. Then slowly pour the lemon juice, just pour it evenly until a rich mixture of lemon juice is obtained (just not too sour). Add lemon peel skin, mix well.
Step 5:

– Take the cake in the fridge, then spread the mixture made in step 4 onto the cake base and place in the refrigerator cooler 1-2 hours for the cake to be formed and will taste better when used cold!

Wish you success with how to make this key lime pie!

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