Pie is a great emphasis on the crust of the bread. They always have the strange twist the eye and cause the “nostalgia” for someone who enjoyed it. Please learn to make the meat grinder Pie classic to discover the secrets hidden inside each cake!

***Stuffed meat Pie bakery mixers materials

*The cake:

-Black-eyed has nine breadfruit (not required)

-Apple diced

-250 grams of meat finely shaped pomegranate seeds (or ground)

-100 ml whiskey

*The Crust:

-400 grams of flour

*For the Topping:

-125 grams of powder sugar

-125 grams of salt butter, softened

-125 grams of ground almonds into powder

-Multipurpose flour 25 grams

-1/4 tsp vanilla powder

-2 eggs usually

-Add powdered sugar to sprinkle over the cake


-Clean Bowl

-Flour rolling Pin

-Cupcake baking Tray

-Circular tool cutting the crust

-Wooden spoon, knives, cutting boards, disk …



***How to make:

Step 1:

-Heat the oven up to 190 degrees Celsius.

-In a large bowl that you prepare in advance, you stir the mixture consisting of diced meat (or you can grind), diced apples, black-eyed (if desired) with whiskey. Soak meat, apples and black Park which at one time. Put to one side.

Step 2: we switch to the Pie Crust:

-For mixing the same vicissitudes of flour. Kneading dough with your hand so that the dough can be shaped. Put the dough in the refrigerator for about 10 minutes.

-Use rolling pin and flour rolled off truth slim on a cutting board or a clean flat surface. Put to one side.

Step 3: Move through the topping:

-In a mixing machine, salty butter accents you and powdered sugar until smooth and light. Add the crushed almonds, flour, eggs and vanilla into utility and all. Put to one side.

Step 4:

-On the cutting board or a clean, flat surface for the crust that you’ve done up there. Sprinkle a little flour to coat dough from being sticky! Use the round tool to cut the crust has a diameter of about 8 cm. Don’t forget to sprinkle the dough up around the cupcake trays!
-Then place the baking tray on the pie crust pieces cupcake.

Step 5:

-Use spoons scoop mixture of pickled meat personnel section on each cupcake tray. About 1 tablespoon spatula only!
-Finally you also fetch about 1 small spoon powdered sugar butter mixture above on the top layer. Do the same with the remaining cake.

Step 6:

-Take the cake in the oven 12 to 15 minutes.
-Take the cake out of the oven about 5 minutes before the cake cooling racks up cake completely.
-Sprinkle powdered sugar over each pie.
-Take the cake out the disc and enjoy now! More delicious when eaten hot cake!

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