On the rainy days or It have a¬†little cold sky of autumn winter, if we can stay home sipping hot tea with black bread, It’s quietly be a “paradise”isn’t it? black bread is super singing phenomenon that! Do not let yourself become obsolete but who hurry into the kitchen to learn how to make brown bread and a cup of hot tea for cold winter days immediately come on!

Materials for brown bread:

– 350 grams of flour versatility

– 150 grams of flour black

– 180 ml of warm milk

– 200 ml water

– 10 grams of yeast blooms

– 10 grams of white sugar

– 5 grams of salt

– 50 grams of pale butter to room temperature

– 5 grams of cocoa powder

– 5 ml apple vinegar

black bread ingredients

Black bread tools:

– Eight large, often

– Coordinate grid mix

– Blender (if any)

– Pin Dough

– Food covering

– Bolters

– A candle

How to make black bread:

Step 1:

– For stencils on a baking tray lined up. Set aside.

– In an ordinary bowl, pour the glaze bloom in warm soak with fresh milk. Set aside.

– In a large bowl, you mix the flour mixture versatile, black wheat flour, white sugar, salt, cocoa powder and butter. Using nets MOT evenly.

Step 2:

– Next, you pour slowly blossoming into the mix with yeast dough. Add water and apple cider vinegar.

– Use both hands kneading until dough truth no longer sticky dough, then add about 15 minutes.

Note: If you are using the mixer and will also save more time home!

Step 3:

– Use a food wrap film and cover the dough. For genital flour, baking powder incubated for double or bulge.

Note: Baking powder as much, as to when finished products as tasty pie.

– When the dough has expanded, you divide the dough into 4 parts. Use rolling pin thin dough about 1 cm and then rolled up. Place on baking sheet lined with paper plates candles that you have prepared in advance.

Step 4:

– Continue using clingwrap hatched about 60 minutes next to the baking powder.

– Before you are ready to bake the cake for 10 minutes, you turn on the oven at 180 degrees C.

– When ready to bake cakes, cake in the oven for about 30 to 40 minutes depending on size small or big cake.

– Tastier when eaten hot cake and sip cups of hot tea and the results are amazing!

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