Cupcake and cake muffins are quite small in size and made ​​a lot of baking enthusiasts wondered about the difference between them. Also the shape of a mushroom “oversized”, many different people that basically decorated cupcake muffin was not. Others said that while smaller cupcake muffin baked in a mold usually larger. In terms of a certain aspect, both standard on the right, but not the complete truth. Cupcake and muffin cake are used in the snack or as a dessert. They are relatively small in size and shape, “mushroom” is very similar. Some people distinguish muffin cupcake with cream by looking at the decoration, while others said that daily muffin dish, while the cupcake was a more luxurious expression. Let’s learn about the difference of two lovely cakes them!

1. What’s Cupcake?

Basically, the cupcake is a miniature cake, so there are two distinct parts of the bread and the cream is ornate. How do quite similar cupcake baking powder into the cream but when baked, it is poured into small molds lined paper each instead poured into large molds.

The snacks are usually quite mild, sweet, soft, covered with cream and fancy decorations on top. Perhaps because these stages that often create cupcake gifts for people who enjoy the feeling of formality than muffin.Height of cupcake modest, because often only bread made ​​with white flour, bread quality is quite mild and do not have the ability to withstand the weight of the ornaments creams or relatively large mass.

In overseas , cupcake often appear in the menu of the wedding party, birthday, or anniversary launch also by eye-catching appearance and creativity, is a tasty snack just fun again. Cupcake often have a lot of original flavors, vanilla, chocolate to the more unique flavors of fruit, wine and green tea …

***Seeking the whereabouts of cupcake

In American Cookery, cookery books first US published in 1796, cupcake has appeared with the title “cake baked in small cups”. Before the baking tray with pewter became popular, people often baked cupcake in small bowls or bowl ceramic wares (ramekin).This is a remarkable discovery due to the conditions at the time the oven, the cake in small size will easily be cooked over the large size cakes.

The name “cupcake” also marks a step The new landmark in the history of the baking housewife. Around the 19th century, it was created using the unit “cup” (237ml / 230g) to measure the amount of baking ingredients, and this is evaluated as a revolution because it saves a lot the right balance between accurately measure all the ingredients.

The formula of cupcakes tradition throughout history is often called the formula in 1234: 1 cup butter, 2 cups sugar, 3 cups flour and 4 eggs . The pie cupcake was made ​​today still somewhat adhere to this formula. Over time, each baker blow on the pie cupcake a little creativity, and her dedication to this day, a cake cupcake become extremely diverse in both form and decoration of the quality of each pie.

2. History of the muffin

The name “muffin” in English means there’s a kind of bread and flour mixed with small size. This name is derived from the word “moufflet” in French means soft bread or “muffe” in German, meaning a small cake.

Do not take long muffin so no need to tempering flour , do not use bread yeast bloom like, but drug use baking powder or salt-like cake. Method of muffin is quite similar to making cupcake, just mix the ingredients together and bake. One feature making muffin easier to distinguish more cupcake cake that could have both salty and sweet.

A “real” muffin in government can not make or covered custards, sprinkle with bread crumbs or mixed nuts and dried fruits on the cake.

Muffin often flavored coffee and tea using the same hot. Food appeared in America in the 19th century and was popular in North America. Meanwhile, the little cupcake is more common in this area. A friend loves at North American cuisine confirmed here, people see daily muffin dish decorative cupcake also higher.

Recipe for muffins begin to appear in the middle of the cookbook from 18th century in England and famous ever since. By the 19th century, the street English at 6 pm, tea time people familiar fogging, often appear the seller muffin with cake tray on top and a bell to call the guests .

Images of muffin sellers also went into literature as writer Jane Austen mentions a seller muffin in her work Persuasion. In England, children are oral rhymes cake seller and the games based on this song.

Cupcake and cake muffin is two seemingly similar but different in terms of both taste and calendar history. Every dish just, but they are the cake adds to the extensive world cuisine. – Distinguish muffin cupcake with pretty simple is not it. Good luck!

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