We are missing a very important part of the world’s beer culture – enjoy.

You are probably a longtime drinker, and you have also tried many types of beer, but you are living in the “beer culture” of the previous generation, so have you ever wondered? Did you drink beer properly?

Vietnamese people also consume billions of liters of beer a year, and also form brewing culture, in fact more accurately speaking than drinking culture. Drinking beer with a lot of people, that is, drinking from one cup to another until you can not drink anymore. I do not know when drinking the same drink, drink so much, customers will feel good beer where?

Meanwhile, beer has been one of the beverages that has been passed down from ancient times, more than 4,000 years ago, for a number of reasons. Do you know that beer does not have most of the minerals the body needs to survive? This is just one of the many wonderful things about this drink that we will ignore if only the beer is full of beer. The type of beer that will not make you feel that the taste of each beer is different, how sour, bitter in black beer, golden beer attractive.

However, before talking about the culture of enjoyment and how to taste the tastes of fine beers, let me summarize a bit about how the world of beer is.

Although there are thousands of types of beer around the world, there are still two main types of beer, Ale and Lager. If you are interested, in the country of beer like Belgium or Germany, pour beer or beer are art with a lot of strict rules. However, if you just want to know how to enjoy the best beer, just know that some of them are enough.

Most importantly, you should choose the type of beer with taste, heavy or light, sweet or bitter, have a taste … Pay attention to the amount of foam in the glass when pouring. In order to keep the “standard” taste beer needs to be poured in the middle of the cup and just a few inches from the mouth. A quality beer will always have three bubbles, seven beers and you can enjoy the perfect taste under the smooth foam. If the foam is thick, fast, do not stick to the glass, this is a beer not quality. Do not “100%” as on the table, please slowly, slowly feel the smell of beer spread in the roof of the mouth, soaked in the throat, rushed into the nasal cavity … how wonderful.

Beer should not be too cold, the perfect temperature for beer is usually 12 degrees Celsius, or 15 degrees Celsius if it is cold. And it would be best if you ate cold beer, avoid drinking with ice as they will make the tasteless beer and bubbly more unworthy. In some more sophisticated bras, they will chill your glasses in advance and always change after each drink. And I would like to send you some real advice, try a Belgian or a German beer with a little bit of cheese, salted meat, you will completely forget all the beer club you have. Had been through

In the world, people drink beer in bars, all kinds of big and small. Even wine bars also have a private closet for storing some famous beers to serve the diners. They also have a variety of cocktails mixed with beer that are not widely known. With the bars in European cities, especially Belgium and Germany, where the two most powerful beer culture, the number of beers served in a bar is much larger than that. To enjoy, it is necessary to have space. When you consider beer to be an experience, it should be a place not so noisy as pubs, enough for the people you meet to talk and of course, can not lack a lot of delicious beer to reward. real.

It is fortunate to be able to enjoy a beer at such a restaurant in Hanoi. I happened to be a brasserie like that, more precisely a bar that specializes in famous beers from all over the world, especially Belgium and Germany. There are simple types like Mexican beer Corona from fat Dom in Fast Furious or drink. Or picky than the black beer of Chimay with bitter dress dress is hard to describe in words. There are almost 50 categories on the menu pages. Of course, they also have very cold cut cheeses to complement the taste of the beer. If you are particularly interested, I can recommend the name of the place.

(There are many people asking for the address of the other place, so I’ll share it with everyone.) It’s New Gentry at No 7 Hang Manh street.)

Drinking beer is indispensable, but do not let it become a bad idea and affect the surroundings. Beer or alcohol are not bad because taking the right dosage will be very beneficial. Do you know that alcohol helps circulation of blood, which is good for health?

Many young men now view beer as an inevitable necessity, perhaps due to pleasure, sadness, or work, to explain their increasing drunkenness and abdomen. Drinking or not is up to you, is determined by each person, never think “Nam immortal like the timeless.” A glass of wine before the battle is to increase the courage, to increase the air, to show the man must be strong, not drunk and then the shield does not lift up.

Already enjoying, go to where you can drink beer properly and feel it. If the idea of beer does not change from our own generation, forever Vietnam can only be in the top of the “drinking men”.

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