Hokkaido chiffon cupcake cake looks extremely cute and sweet. It is very delicious and appropriate to make a gifts for your friends. Today I would like to guide you to make the Hokkaido chiffon cupcake!


The backbone of the cake
-45 g egg yolk
-20 g sugar
-35 g cooking oil
-45 g milk cream
-60 g flour (flour 50 g + 15 g corn flour multi-functional)
Chicken egg white mixture:
-135 g egg whites
-40 g sugar

The ice cream custard

-2 egg yolks

-30 gr fine-grained sugar

-20 gr corn flour

-150 ml fresh milk without sugar

-10 gr light butter

-1/3 tsp vanilla essence

-a few grains of salt

-100 g fresh cream (whipping cream)

-25 g sugar fine particles

Decorative part:
-100 g whipping cream
-25 g fine sugar
-Powdered sugar
-Strawberries (optional)


-Cupcake Mold 12 holes
-Paper lined cupcake molds

How to do:

-Turn the oven available in 150-155 degrees C
-To fill cream in refrigerator
-Use the mixer Beat egg yolks with 20 g sugar until the sugar dissolves and the mixture is slightly lighter in color.
-Add oil into the fight. Then continue to add fresh milk on. For wheat flour in the mix along with the mixture to blend into each other. Washed eggs and sticks to dry.
-In a different Bowl beat the egg whites with 40 g sugar until the mixture fluffy cotton and pick up the eggs onto the rods I saw appear soft tip (not too hard)
-Mix the egg white just on flour mixture + white yolk on top of each other.
Mixing: take 1/3 of the mixture into the yolks for whites, use gentle mixing Coordinator. Take ½ the mixture just for 2/3 of the remaining egg white mixture and mix gently. For the remainder of the mixture ½ into the mix just to blend together.
Note: mix the truth gently from bottom to top, definitely, don’t mix the long because that will break bubble led to the cake.
-Pour the cake on each small hole was lined with paper cups.

-Put the cake into the oven and bake for about 20-30 minutes until toothpick test see oblique yellow ripening cake cakes don’t stick the toothpick.

The ice cream custard

-Cotton lines with egg yolk Beaten and turn pale yellow.

-Sift the cornstarch into eggs the way European, mix well. For fresh milk to the mix.

-For the mixture to the pot, to low heat, stirring all hands, constantly to avoid clumping. For butter, vanilla, salt on sexual harassment.

-The mixture start condensing the North out of the stove, stirring until mixture is viscous characteristics into the cream. Don’t be stirring the mixture of special too because when the special mixture will cool further.

-100 ml fresh cream about cotton with Hitting the road to when the special little cotton slightly. Bring cream just place this mix with the above mixture. I mixed the cream custard!

-For bag cream cream cotton available catch small round lamp holders. Push the lamp holders into the main straight between the ice cream inside the cake, and squeeze the cream on the cake inside. At this time you will notice when the cake to the oven and let it cool off, then will be slightly flat and 1 bit, but when squeeze the cream into the cake, the cake will swell by the creamy custard has occupied an area of the inside of the cake and make the cake bigger than bulging.

Ice cream and cake decorating section:
-Take the Bowl cream out of the fridge. For 200 g whipping cream into a bowl of ice cream with the cotton in smooth until the ice cream freezes. Ko long whips because will be separated water.
-For fresh cream on cream cotton catch bags and ice cream on the cake decoration ejector. Cut the strawberries into small pieces and then put the strawberry decorated up cream. Sprinkle powdered sugar over the cake as it is completed.

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