Bread – a foodstuff has extremely familiar position on the table, today I will teach you how to make chicken toast super fast, super tasty for breakfast amazing offline!


– ½ sliced ​​baguette bread thickness from 3 – 5 cm.

– 5-7 green asparagus stalks.

– 1 piece of boiled chicken breast.

– Mozzarella cheese fibroblasts.

– Spices: salt, pepper.

– An oven.

– Trays and baking paper.

– Knife.

– Boards.


Step 1:

– Set the oven at a temperature of 200 degrees C.

Step 2:

– Shredded chicken breast.

Step 3:

– Asparagus washed, removing the bark old and original, and cut into slices diagonally.

Step 4:

– Place the baguette diagonally cut up paper tray available paved barbecue, put chicken, asparagus on top of the bread, sprinkle with salt, pepper and cheese.

– Put in the oven for about 10 minutes to complete.

The crispy bread slices, cheese and greasy chicken and asparagus picked nutrients will definitely be a great breakfast for your family!

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