Gateaux coconut raspberry is a fragrance coconut taste greasy, swirled with sour raspberry jam’s subdued, It is really a dessert delicious hard sexual right? Let’s to learn how to make coconut raspberry gateaux!

Raw materials

The backbone of the cake
-1 large egg + 2 egg yolks
-175 g Coconut cream (cream of coconut)
-60 ml water
-1 tsp vanilla essential oil
-1 tsp of coconut oil
-Gateaux cake flour sift, 280g smooth
-150 g refined sugar
-8 g baking powder
-3/4 tsp of salt crystals
-170 g butter, cut into small pieces-12 slides, to at room temperature for software

Raspberry jam section
-340g raspberries (fresh or frozen)
-67 g sugar (to taste)

Creamy coconut phomai covered section
-227g butter, to software
-230 g phomai-cream (cream cheese)
-63 g powdered sugar
-260g Coconut cream
-2 tsp vanilla essential oil
-2 tsp coconut oil

Decorative parts
-200-400 g coconut chips dried fiber cell
-Fresh raspberries

The tool

-2 round mold diameter 20-23cm
-Mixing bowl
-Coordinator cages
-Serrated bread knife
-Small pot
-Cream icing Knife

How to do

The backbone of the cake
-Heat the oven at 160 degrees c. stick oil Spreads up to 2 paper liner and molds for candles
-For all the wet ingredients (eggs, egg white, water, Coconut cream, vanilla and coconut oil) together and blend until the mix again

-In a large bowl, use a whisk to mix all the dry ingredients (flour, sugar, baking powder and salt) for both.

-Add soft butter into the dry mixture, beating at slow speeds, for the butter pieces into one, until the butter swirled into the mix (cheese small pea only chips), about 2 minutes

-Still in slow speed, slowly pour the wet mixture into the. Beat until dough is smooth.

-Divided into 2 dough pieces from the mold, baked in 30 minutes

-To cool for about 10 minutes and take the cake out of the mold, put up prices cooled. Until cake cools, cut off wheels must do double horizontally with serrated knife

Raspberry jam section
-While waiting for the cake, raspberry jam made by mixing raspberries with sugar in a small pot. Put on the stove to boil, reduce heat and simmer condensed within 20 minutes

-Raspberry jam over the Filter sieve and set aside

Creamy coconut phomai covered section
-Use a whisk cream cheese and butter to hit when mixed accents on each other the silky smooth cream

-Add powdered sugar, Coconut cream, coconut oil and vanilla essential oil to the mixture. Beat until well.
-Staging are 1/3 part raspberry jam up on the first cake layer. Orchestra parts over ice cream layer of jam. Repeat with the remaining cake

-Basting are part of ice cream covered the entire surface and the bread

-Decorate cake with coconut chips around the dried and fresh raspberry cake by hand

So you’ve got a dessert delicious and beautiful!

I wish you success with making coconut raspberry gateaux

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