The cake Doughnuts staff very warm with Nutella stuffed is fragrant, it is sweet and somewhat spongy cake, crispy crust, it has an attractive hard from. Join me in the kitchen and make in together the Doughnuts Stuffed Nutella!

Raw materials

-1 packet of yeast bloom

-3 tbsp sugar

-120 ml dosage of warm water (40-50 degrees C)

-190 GS wheat

-120 ml dosage of warm milk or water (40-50 degrees C)

-1 egg chicken

-1 egg yolk

-¼ tsp salt

-3 tbsp butter, cut into small pieces, to software

-Cooking oil

-75 g sugar

-Nutella or jams, chocolate as you like to do.

The tool

-Frying pans

-Cream catcher Bag rounded head

How to make cake Doughnuts Multiply Nutella

-In a small bowl, mix baking yeast, 1 tbsp of sugar, 120 ml dosage of warm water, stir to dissolve yeast. To men in 10 minutes.

-Use the mixer (or you can use your hands) Mix flour, milk, eggs, egg yolk, salt, water, yeast, and 2 tbsp of sugar, mixing until the ingredients blend most completely into each other, then add butter and continue to beat the mixture until evenly mixed, can become sticky.

-Transfer the dough to a bowl has little DAB of cooking oil to quickly stick. Cover the dough again, to cool the refrigerator compartment on the dough 8-10 hours

-Sprinkle little flour onto a flat surface, place the pastry dough, roll up the dough to thick flour approx 3 cm, use rounded mold or Cup mouth diameter of 5-6 cm to cut the dough. Cover the dough again and wait for the baking powder double, about 30 minutes.

-Pour the oil into a pan, heat the oil to about 185 degrees Celsius.

-Pour the sugar into a bowl, 75 g for the nutella cream catcher bag into a rounded head

-Fry the cake, a cake about 3 mistakes, FRY each side about 2 minutes for gear wheels have a beautiful golden brown color.

-Picked up a cake, cake disks lined absorbent paper. When the cake is still warm, roll in sugar bowl. Use the magic wand to create a small hole in the edge of the cake and then spray the nutella.

Enjoy the cake while still hot.

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