Crepe cake is a cake dish extremely familiar with simple ingredients and how incredibly easy but there are a lot of different variations. Grilled corn crepe cake sounds really is back right? Together learning how to make corn crepe.

Raw materials

-1 large corn

-2 tbsp butter melted module

-63 g wheat flour

-240 ml of milk

-2 large chicken egg

-½ tsp salt

The tools

-Charcoal Stove



How to do

Section n

-Clean the corn leaf Peeling but you try to keep the corn stalks, when baked corn can take on the stalk of corn stalk portion of, but if you don’t then you can skewer on the cob to take in the baking process. The grilled corn for all nine of you, is scented, remember come n constantly in the process of baking to maize is not burned and all! When ripe, the corn to the corn cool a little then use the handy knife for cutting grain corn vertically as you cook corn tea.

-For maize to cut into a bowl and pour the melted butter onto the part of corn, the corn to cool.

Crepe batter parts

-N-butter mixture for the above in Blender, Add flour, milk, eggs, salt and pureed (or you can grind to a grain of maize is still the small pieces are also very nice). Cover the dough and let dough into cool compartments refrigerate at least 1 hour.

-Heat a frying pan with a medium fire (the type you should use the best nonstick). Neighbors of the pan with a little oil or butter. Pour 3-4 tbsp flour mixture into the middle of the Pan, its thin, evenly. Donut until the rim of cake lightly brown, then flip the cake and fried the rest face more 30 seconds. Repeat until the dough.

-You can sprinkle a bit of shredded cheese and chopped cilantro over the cake and then use cake with mayonnaise or sour cream

So we just finished crepe delicious grilled corn cakes.

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