Chiffon flan is a cake that be scented and a little sweet will conquer you right from the first sight. Let me make this dish and you will know how to make this cake!

Chiffon cake ingredients for flan

Cream Flan:

-400-450 ml milk

-50-100 ml fresh cream

-4 red hearts

-2 chicken eggs

-80 g sugar


-1 little salt

-Lang Street: about 50 g + 20 ml water and a little lemon juice

Cocoa chiffon:

-107 gr wheat flour + 21 gr cocoa powder

-90-100 gr sugar

-1 small pinch of salt

-3 gr baking powder

– 54 gr oil

-64 gr red hearts (3 yolks)

-96 gr water

-A few drops of vanilla

-107 gr white (3)

-3/8 muỗm tablespoon cream of tartar

Chiffon cake flan tools

-Baking Molds chiffon 23cm

-The Bowl




How to make chiffon cake flan

Step 1: Make chiffon

-Preheat the oven at 180 degrees C.

-In a bowl, beat the egg whites with the sugar, cotton, tartar until stiff cotton.

-Mixture, oil, water and vanilla, mix well.

-Flour and baking powder, then mix carefully sift cocoa into the yolk mixture.

-Mix 1/2 mixture into egg white mixture step 3 then for the next hand to mix whites.

-Prepare a chiffon, pour the powder into the mold.

-Take the cake baked for about 40 minutes.

Step 2:

-Lang Street after mold for turning the cockroach wings pour 1 thin layer into the mold.

-Continue to pour ice cream mixture into the flan.

-Pour the cake mixture has finished mixing top chiffon, lightweight chiffon cake mixture will rise above.

Step 3:

-160 degree marine way, Baking 50-60 minutes.

Cool cake completely new – to get out of the mold.

Slightly a bit meticulous but soft, aromatic taste of chiffon cake flan dishes will leave you soaked.

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