Butter is  used in food processing process by many families, especially in the recipes. The butter helps cakes become more porous, more soft and greasy. But the use of butter, how to choose avocados, maintenance of each type of butter is also hindering you. Today I would like to show you to know when using butter here to dish is cooked properly.

-When you use butter on the pan for the fried dishes, fried, noting how hot the pan with the butter in low fire. Butter’s melting temperature range from 27 º C-55 º C, if you use medium-large to melt the butter will very easily lead to the infamous burnt butter, metamorphism, and loss of appetite.

-If you need to use butter as a kind of cooking oil at high temperatures, it is best that you use the butter separated milk. Milk cup butter is hard to find on the market, there is a simple way to DIY butter. First you heat the melt ingots pale butter dissolved, stir lightly, medium heat to medium; will have you raised, patented foam removed this foam and continue to simmer, stir until foam no longer haircut and more then the rest of the butter is butter has separated the milk. You go is Barber foam milk foam. With doing this you always need to remember is to heat the small fire real okay!

Things to know when preserving butter

-Salty Butter can to cool in the refrigerator for about 1 months, while pale butter should only for about 2 weeks. You should let the butter cold near as possible in cool drawer refrigerator. If stored in a refrigerator the icebox, then both types of butter can to be up to six months.

-The butter is easy “penetrant” smells of different foods, you should package them thoroughly and then distilled-the best is in sealed plastic bags or foil.

Things to know when using butter to stick

In cooking, the pale butter was preferred by them does not affect the taste of the dish, but often also used to stick to the Pan or baking molds. You should never use salt butter to stick to baking mold, as they can cause the reverse effect.

Things to know when to cut the butter

-To cut a pieces of cold butter easily, you can wrap the knife in a plastic layer and then cut; or another way is you heat the knife in hot water and then wipe dry quickly and used to cut the butter immediately.

-Want to soften cold butter quickly, can you give pieces of butter in microwave with 1/2 capacity, to the time of about 30 seconds. Another way of consuming a little more work, you can use the tool to the butter flakes and shavings in the temperature is usually about 10 minutes, the butter cold and soft than the well off.

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