Generally, it does not take a long time to make a cupcake or muffins, the success rate is almost 99%, anybody can do it, even some kids mix the flour is also good 🙂 It’s  just having the oven is ok Because muffins or cupcakes only need to be hand-mixed, even if they are quickly mixed, the cake is good. The longer you mix, the more sloppy buns, less hatched, less spongy and of course not eat as good as.

Blueberry is a very expensive fruit in here, which only takes a little time to eat clearly. So I’m going to show you how to make blueberry muffins.


– 300g wholemeal flour (Type 405)
– 200g yogurt (mild yogurt)
– 120g soft butter
– 120g sugar
– 2 chicken eggs (G.M, 60g / 1fuls, whole shell)
– 2 tsp of flour (Baking powder – Backpulver)
– 1 tsp of salt (Baking soda – Backnatron)
– 1/4 tsp of salt
– A tsp of vanilla extract (vanilla extrakt)
– 250g of Blueberry (fresh or frozen)


1) Preheat the oven at 190 – 200oC, 20 minutes for two minutes to stabilize the temperature. (When you start measuring the mix, turn on the oven.)

2) Awake muffins. If you have a muffins tray, just fold the paper over. Without a paper mold, it is possible to brush the butter to prevent sticking to the tray. If there is not even a tray, you can use a porcelain mold to make a flan, stick with butter or put a muffin over a cupcake like: P Put the butter into the refrigerator to keep the butter out.

3) If fresh blueberry is washed, to dry, can use dry paper napkin.
If you use frozen blueberry, absolutely do not ruin before because bueberry will be crushed. Take in the freezer and mix the flour in the next step.

4) Mix flour mixture + sugar + baking powder + salt (float baking soda).
5) Smooth down the yoghurt. Add soft butter to smooth.
6) Eggs + vanilla disperse.

Mix 5) and 6) together, using spatula to beat.

Give half the flour mixture at 4) to 7), stirring evenly. After the finely powdered mixture mix the flour mixture in 4), beat the plasticizer smooth.
Finally poured all the Blueberry into. Mix the blended blueberry into the fine powder mixture, mixing until blueberry blends into the powder. Remember to mix light blueberry hand.

*** Note: When making muffins, flour mixture as well as powdered mixture before baking, just mix well enough to mix the mixture only. Avoid mixing much, the cake will bloom.

Using the ice cream scoop, sprinkle each powder into the prepared muffins. Only pour two thirds of the flour, leaving the bread to blister.

Place the baking tray in the oven, temperature 190 – 200oC, two fire mode. Bake for 20 – 25 minutes, until the cake is golden surface.
Cake after ripening, take the tray out, for about 5 minutes to cool down, as well as to stabilize the shape of the cake easier to remove. Take the cake with the mold on the rack to cool it. Those who do not have a muffin paper can always stay in the Flan mold, when eating spoon scoop also, hot food is more delicious hihi. But if cool, then the cake will steam, bacon, less delicious.

Cut the flan around the flan, gently take the cup cake mold, place the blueberry muffins on the rack for cooling. When cool, store in sealed container.

Enjoy Blueberry soft foam muffins
After the baking is finished, the soft and fragrant cake in the kitchen, the house. I tried two of them at the same time, hihi. Soft sweet cakes, with added sourness of blueberry should be balanced. Blueberry muffins are attractive, not dry because of the fruit in them: P

Blueberry muffins as well as other pastries can be used for breakfast, tea or hot cakes.

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