This cake has a crunchy fragrant bread crust associated with the multiplier banana sweet and sour raspberry tart will certainly be a cake that you can never call! Let’s Cook with me to do the banana tart raspberry appealing!

Raw materials

Part crust:

-400gr of flour.

-15 ml of warm water (about 40 degrees C).

-¾ tsp dried bloom mem.

-40gr of butter.

-2 tbsp of sugar.


-100 g raspberries.

-3-4 ripe banana.

-2 tbsp cornstarch.

-¼ tsp salt.

-¼ tsp cinnamon powder.

-1 chicken egg white.

-Sugar (depending on taste).

The tool


-Wooden spoon.

-Coordinator of mixing.


-Rolling Plant powder.

-The baking Tray.




How to do

Step 1:

-Peace of dry yeast with warm water.

Step 2:

-Banana Peel the rind removed, cut into slices of moderate thickness.

Step 3:

-Wash the raspberries with water and let drain.

Step 4:

-Mix the flour and salt in a jar.

-Then for the pale butter to mashed mashed, along with for the powder.

Step 5:

-For from water soluble glaze from the section on Jar of flour mixture.

-Use Coordinator mix to mix them until the dough into a smooth mass, not clumping and using plastic airtight powder in jar, incubated for 30 minutes.

Step 6:

-, Put the raspberries into the mix along with the sugar, cinnamon powder, cornstarch and salt mixing in jar.

-After for that for the mixture into the raspberry cooler fridge compartment in jar.

Step 7:

-The dough has finished brewing, then retrieved, divide the dough in two parts: 1 big, 1 small. Then use the tree rolled dough to thin plate sections of dough.

Step 8:

-With the small powder, after the thin plate, use a knife to cut into long strips.

Step 9:

-With the big dough, after the thin plate, then gently placed into the cake mold. Then use the fork onto the skewer pieces of dough to the baking process, the crust will not be bulging.

-Dab a little more egg white over dough to pieces after grilling, tasty crunchy bread.

Step 10:

-Folded banana slices cut into the closed bottom cake mold.

-Then take the raspberry mixture in the fridge out, staging both to covering the banana slices.

Step 11:

-Folded the dough strip cut up the cake, sprinkle with a little sugar or cinnamon powder according to your liking.

-Then use the foil airtight mold pieces again and put in the oven in hot temperatures available did 180 degree Celsius, baked in about 50 minutes, the cake is cooked.

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