Doughnuts was a sweet delicious taste, however when this cake was covered with a layer of banana flavor ice cream then will be more attractive. In addition the small piece of almond will be the chef skillfully put in, it helps in the stimulation of our senses by taste crispy and greasy. Today I would like to guide you this cake

Bakery donut almond covered bananas

The cake part:

-200 g of flour of universal application

-165 g brown sugar

-½ Tsp baking soda

-½ Tsp salt

-¼ Tsp baking powder

-¼ Tsp cinnamon powder

-¼ Tsp nutmeg small cell

-2 ripe banana

-1 egg

-120 ml dosage applesauce without sugar

-½ Tsp vanilla essence

Government section

-100 g cream cheese

-3 Tbsp powdered sugar

-2 Tbsp whole milk cream

-¼ Tsp vanilla essence

-30 g almonds

Banana Donuts tools coated almonds

-1 oven

-1 mould Donuts

-1 Filter sieve

-1 Coordinator

-1 tree or mixer

How to make banana almond coating Donuts

Step 1: (the cake)

-Preheat the oven at a temperature of 160 degrees C

Step 2:

-For the brown sugar into a bowl

-Use the filter filter sieve the flour, baking soda, baking powder, flour, cinnamon and nutmeg in a bowl and then brown sugar in small cells mix well.

Step 3:

-Mashed bananas, then, for applesauce, vanilla and eggs and beat well.

Step 4:

-Mix the bananas into flour mixture and stir until the Coordinator uses the mixture loose, smooth, not clumping.

Step 5:

-Basting butter or coconut oil up the mold of Donuts

-For the mixture into cake mold and bake for about 15-20 minutes. Let it cool for about 5 minutes and then you give the cake off the price.

Step 6: (part)

-Beat all cream cheese with powdered sugar and vanilla.

-Gently to milk to mix together.

Step 7:

-Finely chopped almonds

Step 8:

-You embed the head gear on a mixture of Government has just done it to up the price, Sprinkle chopped almonds onto cake. A batch of banana Donuts is completed.

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