If you are a person who loves the taste as well as the appearance of the sweet cream pie I would skip the cream cake decoration tools needed!

1. Rotary tables

-Rotary tables is the first tool that you should have to be able to decorate the beautiful cream pie.Rotary tables will help you to flexibly move to the location of the gear that is not touched too much on cream pie, the creamy layer were damage prevent distortion.

2. cream plaster Knife and rub surface sparkling cake

-Want to have a beautiful cream pie, you can’t ignore this tool. With dao plaster the cream and rub its surface of the cake, you can have ice cream with ice cream layer cake 1 seat perfectly smooth.


3. Modeling tools for bakery 

-To make the cake more beautiful parts, picky and luxury, you should shop for themselves instruments of van ice cream. On the market today have sold so many templates to create an ice cream van to your creative delight with his cake!

4. The catching ice cream Bag  and the molder



-To catch these beautiful flowers or create the lovely decor, then the catch cream and lamp holders United is the effective tool of assistance to you! Currently on the market have sold so many kinds of different flower lamp holders, very convenient for when you want to catch the ice cream with lots of style.

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