This is a Crepe dishes made with ingredients easy to find and simple to do, you can do it right now for his Apple-scented, soft crepe a delicious! Let’s cook with me for learning how to make delicious Apple crepe didn’t call!


-200 g of flour.

-250 ml fresh milk without sugar.

-125 ml of filtered water.

-120 g sugar.

-2 eggs.

-6 apples.

-½ lemon’s juice.

-2 tbsp butter.

-1 cup cocoa powder.


Apple crepe cake making tools

-Small Pot.

-Coordinator cages.


-Coordinator of mixing.



How to make Apple crepe

Step 1:

-The eggs beaten, on mix together flour and milk. Stir the flour mixture until a smooth match, not clumping.

Step 2:

-Apples, washed, peeled, cut into small pieces and then marinated with cocoa powder.

Step 3:

-Turn on the cooker , nuts and small fire for a bit of cooking oil on the surface evenly coated. Then scoop 1 tablespoon dough mixed in step 1 into the thin, fried evenly for Rover, the potentially unwanted nine gold both sides of cake, then gently lift out the disc to the cake ain’t broke.

Step 4:

-Get 1 other saucepan set up the kitchen, for the butter to melt and heat for the lemon juice and sugar to boil the caramel.

-When the road turned into butter mixture of caramel brown cockroach wings then for apples have chilled cocoa powder in step 2 into the island and quickly. To add a bit of water to the boil for the Apple software, then turn off the stove.

Step 5:

-Cover the crepe cake shell out the disk, staging both vertically and then cake Apple worker for a little more yogurt up part, gently roll the crust back and enjoy!

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