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8 popular Chinese dumplings you should try

Chinese dumplings have successfully gone beyond China’s barrier to become a global sensation. They are not only highly consumed in China but they also preferred by gourmets, food lovers, healthy eaters and dieters over the world.

The reason is simple: They do not only fill your stomach but can also tantalize your taste buds thanks to their good taste. Not just that, when filled with vegetables, they are one of the healthiest foods to add in any diet. If you are interested in knowing more, keep reading!

What are Chinese dumplings?

Like many other dumplings, Chinese are simply a mix of dough mainly made from wheat flour and filled with minced meat (pork, beef, chicken), diced shrimp, vegetables or sweets. They can be steamed, fried, baked or served hot with broth, so you can definitely make your favorite ones right at your kitchen or enjoy at any Chinese restaurant.

Chinese dumpling at new year

Dumpling dishes are one of two meal staples of people living in the north of China, along with noodles. Meanwhile, rice is often served as a main dish of those in the south. These days, however, the popularity of dumplings has spread over the country, making it a favorite dish of both kids and adults, and locals and foreigners alike.

It’s worth mentioning that some Chinese dumplings are a “must-serve” food at special events. For instance, Jiaozi are traditionally eaten on Chinese New Year’s Eve and other special family reunions, and Zongzi – a type of dumpling in the shape of a pyramid at Dragon Boat Festival. In addition, in the north, Chinese people often eat dumpling at Dongzhi -Winter Solstice to signify a warm winters.

There are many types of dumplings in China but we recommend 8 most popular dishes that promises to satisfy your appetite, definitely!

1. Jiaozi

The first recommendation must come to Jiaozi, the most traditional form of dumpling. It features the thin wrapper crimped at the top and the filling of ground meat and vegetables. It can be boiled, steamed or fried, so can meet the eating requirements of any eater.

Jiaozi Chinese

2. Wontons

As a “must-serve” food on the winter solstice, Wontons ranks No.1 in top “must-eat” dumplings in China. It’s commonly filled with minced pork and diced shrimp. When made with vegetables, it’ low in calories, thereby, becoming a Chinese healthy food to add in a diet.

wonton Chinese

3. Momos

If you prefer something that’s easier to digest at late night, give Momos a try. Its filling consisting of carrots and cabbage will reduce the amount of calories you get while eating.

Momos Chinese

4. Dimsum

Dimsum can make you love at first sight with its transparent wrapping accompanied by impressive garnish. It must be the reason why this dish has become popular in many Asian countries.

Dimsum Chinese

5. Xiao Long Bao

Xiao Long Bao is a typical food in Shanghai. It’s commonly served in soup which includes pork, soy sauce, vinegar and ginger.

Xiao Long Bao Chinese

6. Zongzi

Traditionally eaten at Dragon Boat Festival, the sweet Zongzi is also a “worth-trying” dumpling. It’s made of the glutinous rice, filled with sweets (commonly red bean paste) and shaped in triangle or cone.

zongzi Chinese

7. Shaomai

Shaomai is a popular type of Dimsum. It’s is covered with a transparent wrapper with ground pork and herb inside. If you prefer dumplings are both eyes-catching and delicious, Shaomai is such a good choice.

Shaomai Chinese

8.  Tangyuan

Another sweet dumpling in the list is Tangyuan commonly served as a dessert. It is round in shape and can be filled or unfilled. When made with filling, it has chocolate, sesame paste, fruit, red bean paste, or chopped peanuts.

Tangyuan Chinese

So, we’ve introduced facts of dumplings as well as 8 popular dish. It will work with those who are a big fan of Chinese dumplings and even those who are finding something good to eat when traveling here.



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