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6 popular cheese pizzas you should try

Cheese pizza has tantalized the taste buds of pizza eaters all over the world, ranging from kids to adults and healthy eaters to dieters, making it a global sensation. It’s served as an appetizer, snack and main course, so eaters can definitely fill their stomach with preferred pizza types based on their taste and diet.

Cheese is commonly sprinkled over the pizza crust with other foods on top and mixed with other ingredients to make pizza crust. It’s sometimes used as the main ingredient to make cheesy pizza crust, a favorite food of low-carb dieters.

In this article, we recommend 6 popular cheese pizzas that you should taste at least once. If you get interested in knowing their recipes, click here!

Cheese pizza

A traditional cheese pizza is made of flour dough and topped with shredded cheese. There are four popular cheeses used for pizza toppings, namely mozzerella, provolone, cheddar, and parmesan. So, you can swap the cheese you do not like with your preferred one when making it at home.

cheese pizza feature

Cheese pizza crust

To make cheese pizza crust, they add cheese into the crust dough mixture, mix until well combined and the mixture becomes dough-like. By doing so, they can double the use of cheese in pizza, then, make it more cheesy and crispy. As it contains a high amount of calorie, you should watch your intake while on a diet.

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Vegan cheese pizza

The third worth-mentioning type is vegan pizza cheese, which of course mainly served for vegans. It features the vegan cheese made from raw cashew well blended along with a number of ingredients like lemon juice, olive oil, nutritional yeast and starch. This homemade cheese is not only healthy but also tasty, so give it a try if you love all types of pizza.

vegan pizza

Keto cheese pizza crust

Low in carb (almost zero) and high in calorie, this Keto cheese pizza crust swaps the pizza dough with the mixture of mozzarella cheese and egg. It’s a favorite cheese pizza of low-carb and keto eaters. Even when you are not on this diet, you may also taste this pizza because of the good taste it offers.

keto pizza crust feature

Pizza cheese blend

Pizza cheese blend is also a “must-taste” cheese pizza. As the name may suggest, this pizza is topped with a cheese blend, then, becomes a low-carb pizza to add in the diet of low-carb eaters.

pizza cheese blend

Pizza cheese stick

Pizza cheese stick is a favorite snack of both kids and adults alike. The reason turns out to be simple: it’s tasty and simple to make. So, if you have free time at weekend, treat your kids with these cheesy pizza sticks.

cheese pizza stick

We’ve listed out 6 “worth-trying” cheese pizzas for both pizza lovers and dieters. To make it best satisfy your taste, you can control its ingredients and cook it in the way you prefer.

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