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13 vegetarian Chinese foods to add in a diet

As one of the best cuisines in the world, Chinese can satisfy the taste buds of all kinds of eaters ranging from kids to adults, healthy eaters to vegetarians or vegan.

In this article, we’re writing about best Chinese foods served to vegetarians. They are healthy, delicious and most importantly, exclude meat.  Keep scrolling to know more!

1. Moo Shu vegetables

If you follow a strict diet of a vegetarian or vegan, you should try Moo Shu vegetables, a mix of diced egg and a variety of vegetables, including cabbage, mushrooms, carrots, water chestnuts, bamboo shoots. Sometimes, it’s added in scallions, ginger and garlic for a better taste.

Moo Shu

2. Summer roll

Summer rolls are simple to make and easy for the system to digest. If you prefer a healthier diet for a day or some, or  is a vegetarian for a long time, you should add it to your diet.  Its filling mainly consists of light simmer vegetables.

summer spring roll

Not just that, the dipping sauce served alongside, does not only make the rolls more satiating, but it also helps you burn more calories. Worth trying, right?

3. Fried Rice

Other simple and super tasty food for vegetarians and vegans is fried rice. All you need is rice, which is of course the main ingredient and various kinds of vegetable, like carrot, capsicum, cabbage, spring onion, and some more.  It’s easy to make at home, right?

fried rice

4. Buddha’s delight

Budda’s delight must be no longer strange to those who are a vegetarian, vegan, or even healthy eater. It’s simply a delicious and healthy mix of various types of steamed vegetables and some small pieces of tofu added to provide protein.


5. Dumplings with vegetable filling

Dumplings filled with vegetable should definitely be at top Chinese healthy foods. As an essential food at important events and even in daily meals, especially of people living in the North, dumplings are relatively worth tasting.

vegan dumpling feature

Instead of eating dumplings of which the filling is made of minced pork, diced shrimp, ground chicken, diced beef, you can try those filled with vegetables. It may be steamed or made into soup but the point is to avoid adding meat in the filling and broth.

6. Broccoli and garlic

Broccoli is a familiar ingredient added in the diet of both healthy eaters and vegetarians. When sautéed with garlic and added some peppers, soy sauce, ginger, and scallions, it becomes a delicious and healthy dish. Eating with a half bowl of rice, you can definitely fill your stomach.

brocoli and garlic

7. Tofu

In China, Tofu is can definitely be eaten as a side dish or and combined with other ingredients to make delicious and nutritious dishes. A common recipe for vegetarians is to fry tofu, add some other ingredients like lemon grass, shallots, onion and chili paste, and season to taste.  This healthy dish, thereby meets the key criterion: getting protein without eating meat.

tofu with rice

8. Vegetable Manchow soup

Vegetable Manchow soup does not only warm up your body during winter days but it is also an ideal choice of those who are a healthy eater, vegetarian and vegans. This delicious soup is made of vegetables, added some starch to get thick and seasoned to perfection.

Manchow soup

9. Noodles

Chinese cuisine is famous for noodles. Vegetarians can still best enjoy this amazing food. They may sauté it with vegetables or make into soup without adding any meat. Don’t forget to season to perfection.  These dishes are still flavored or even more satiating because of maintaining the original taste of the noodle.


10. Shiitake fried rice with water chestnut

Another Chinese fried rice recipe recommended for vegetarians is Shiitake fried rice with water chestnut. It’s a delicious mix of Shiitake mushrooms, rice, green chilies and water chestnuts and celery.

mushroom fried rice

11. Green vegetables with mushroom

Green vegetables sauté with mushroom is also worth mentioning. All you need to make this delicious and healthy dish is Chinese cabbage, mushroom, garlic, and some spices seasoned to taste. Aside from mushroom, you can also make this food by combining different types of vegetables that you can adapt.


12. Seaweed and egg soup

Another soup in the list is seaweed and egg soup, which is highly consumed all over China. It consists of egg, seaweed, water, some spices (sesame oil and salt). This dish is must be a good choice at autumn and winter days to warm your body up.


13. Sichuan fried or spicy green beans

Green beans can be steamed or stir-fried with other ingredients to make a better taste. Both of them are much consumed by vegetarians and those who prefer a healthier diet and spicy food. All ingredients to make it are green beans, garlic, ginger, peppercorns, and/or pepper flakes. It’s often eaten with rice.


Vegetarians and vegans can definitely enjoy Chinese cuisine in the way they prefer. They even make these vegetarian dishes right in their kitchen due to its simple recipe and available ingredients.

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