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13 chicken pizzas to tease your taste buds

Is there any pizza to satisfy the appetite of kids, adults, office workers, housewives, healthy eaters and dieters? The answer must come to chicken pizza. As varying in the way of preparing and cooking chicken, it offers a distinct taste to each type of chicken pizza.

13 must-try chicken pizzas

With this mind, we suggest a list of 13 tasty chicken pizzas to tantalize your taste buds. Even when you are a food lover or dieter, you can definitely pick up favorite pizza while keeping track on your diet.

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Buffalo chicken pizza

If you plan to invite friends, colleagues or family to come to your home for a party or dinner, you may treat them with buffalo chicken pizza. The reason is simple: it’s delicious but makes you less than half an hour to finish. Commonly made with hot sauce, cubed or shredded chicken, and drizzled with a creamy ranch dressing, this pizza chicken promises to make eaters fall in love with it.


Chicken pizza crust

Along with pizza cheese blend, the Italian-style chicken pizza crust is a preferred food of those who are on a low-carb diet, Keto, for instance. Cut down flour and replace it with chicken breast, cheese and eggs, the food ends up with a cheesy and crispy chicken crust that can tantalize your taste buds right with the first try.

chicken pizza crust feature

Alfredo chicken pizza

The third tasty pizza dish is Alfredo chicken pizza, a beloved food of those who are a big fan of chicken Alfredo and pizza. It’s made by grilling marinated chicken on a grill pan over medium heat, then, sprinkling it over the pizza crust, alongside with cheeses, vegetables and herbs.

chicken alfredo pizza feature

BBQ chicken pizza

BBQ chicken pizza, a classic form of pizza, is also worth trying and adding in your cooking book. This pizza is topped with barbeque sauce, chicken, peppers, and onion all covered with cheese, so it’s easy to satisfy your taste for BBQ chicken and pizza.

BBQ_Chicken_Pizza feature

Pesto chicken pizza

Pesto Chicken Pizza recipe is great for a snack and main course at summer days. It features the use of pesto sauce, a fresh and tasty mixture of blended basil leaves and a number of ingredients like toasted nuts, butter, salt, black pepper and parmesan cheese.

Pesto chicken pizza feature

Tandoori chicken pizza

Other delicious chicken pizza is Tandoori chicken pizza made with marinated roast chicken, tasty Tandoori sauce and a number of herbs and vegetables. This pizza is great idea for for a Friday night meal when you can relax and enjoy a good food served with a cup of juice or wine.

tandoori chicken pizza feature

Buffalo Chicken Pizza rolls

The easy-to-make yet tasty buffalo chicken pizza rolls is also a “must-try” one. It’s perfect idea for lunch, dinner in busy days and small parties. Unlike many other pizzas, it’s dough (with sauce and topping inside) is rolled up into a tight cylinder, pinch the seam, then slice and bake. If you prefer a cute small pizza, these pizza rolls are right up your street.

Buffalo-Chicken-Pizza-Rolls feaure

California chicken pizza

California chicken pizza, another type of BBQ chicken pizza is also worth mentioning. The chicken is grilled over medium coal; let cool; cut in to chunks and sprinkle over the pizza crust, along with sliced fresh tomatoes, and dried tomatoes and Monterey Jack cheese. The food might be quite time-consuming but really worth trying.

california chicken pizza feature

Ground chicken pizza crust

Along with cream cheese and almond flour, ground chicken is a favorite ingredient to make delicious low-carb pizza crust.  This pizza is not only a preferred food that meets the eating requirement of low-carb eaters but it’s also a mouth-watering appetizer and snack pizza lovers all over the world. As it contains high calories, make sure to watch your intake.


Spicy chicken pizza

If you have love for spicy chicken and prefer eating it with pizza, you should give spicy chicken pizza a try. Marinated with lemon juice, garam masala powder, thick sour curd, garlic paste, red chili powder, chilli flakes and ginger paste, and then fry with oil, this chicken promises to tantalize your taste buds.

spicy chicken pizza feature

Fried chicken pizza

As a lover of KFC fried chicken and pizza, KFC chicken pizza should be added in your “must-eat” pizza list. It’s also simple and fast to make, so you can definitely treat yourself with this pizza right at home.


Garlic chicken pizza

Garlic chicken pizza is great to serve as dinner for healthy eaters and dieters. Topped with garlic, chicken, cheeses, vegetables and herbs, this chicken pizza can satisfy your appetite while providing only 202 calories per serving. Worth trying, right?


Thai chicken pizza

The last pizza in the list is Thai chicken pizza. Spread with the tasty Thai peanut sauce and topped with chicken, cheese, shredded carrots, bean sprouts, and green onion and fresh cilantro, Thai Chicken pizza surely satisfies your appetite for pizza and the spicy and sweet Thai food at a time.


We’ve recommended 13 delicious chicken pizzas that you should try. If your aren’t on any diet, you may taste all of them. And, if you are a dieter, choose your preferred one that keeps track on your diet.

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